Vertical and horizontal


אין תיאור זמין לתמונה.


There are two possible states one could be in; one is stretching from high to low (vertical plan), or stretching from feeling good to feeling bad (horizontal plan).

The vertical (north south vector) is sparsely populated, very few live there. The horizontal (east west vector) is densely populated.
In order to be on the vertical plan, one must move from the horizontal to the vertical.
This two vectors are charged with electricity, and it could be a low voltage electrical charge, or a high voltage electrical charge.
So, there are, roughly, 2 kinds of charges; low charge and a high charge.
People on the horizontal plan are dealing in the maintenance system and thus are operating on a low charge. And people on the vertical plan are dealing in advancement, development and breaking new frontiers, and for that they need to be on a high charge.
So, people on the vertical plan are working on a high charge, and people on the horizontal plan work on a low charge. The low charge comes from 'the battery'; the body system (up to the neck) itself, while the high charge comes from the outside, from the electricity of the universe.
But what happens if a person on the horizontal line meets, or even lives with, a person on vertical plan?
Well, it doesn’t go well at all. Putting a high charge into a low charge vessel – could cause it to blow up in the low charge vessel.
If the horizontal plan people do not move to the vertical plan – then they will either close themselves completely to the person on the vertical plan, or even worse; he could maybe become a drainpipe for the horizontal plan people; but mainly, he is being Ignored or attacked.
They (the horizontal people) have no idea why they act towards them in such a way, it simply happens to them, because the experience of having your wirings explode and cease to function, throws them into a void, emptiness. so they get lost, disorientated, and this is a very uncomfortable and even a terrible experience for them; and so the only thing they can do about this impossible state of being – is to remove themselves from the highly charged person, either physically, if they can, and if they cannot – they remove themselves communicatively; to have as little interaction with the highly charged person, as possible.

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