To mistake good with high.


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One of the greatest confusions that could be done in a life dedicated to a religious or spiritual way – is to mistake good for high.
When high is not reachable (and it is hard to teach) people try to be good, or doing good (whatever this good might be for them). Or along the religious or spiritual path, one exchanges inner evolvement with bettering oneself to be a good person.

To try and be good and better – should be appreciated but it is not at all as being on the path of upgrading oneself to a higher level.

Those who try to be, or do, good, are on the maintenance-circular, horizontal vector, whereas those who reach for high state are on the ascendingdescending, vertical vector.

Doing and being – good, operate on east west vector (sliding from good to bad, and back), while level changes accrues on the north south vector. (The North Pole being the high end, while the south pole being the low end).
Moving from being good to being bad, and back, happens on the maintenance vector, on the same level). While level changes happen from up to down, and from down to up.
Most people move on the horizontal plane, few are on the vertical plane.
DO GOOD (Better)One reason for the great preference for being the Good Samaritan – is degeneration; people who could not maintain their high level and drop down from the tree of high state of consciousness – try to hold on to the branches as they fall, and the branches are various kinds of good.      And many of them honestly mistake doing good or being a good person – with climbing or being on a high level of inner growth and development.                                

Second reason is social feedback; for being good, or doing good – one gets a lot of positive feedback, but for climbing up his axis from below to above – is completely private and unregistered by others.  And we were conditioned to appreciate in us only those qualities for which they get positive feedback, for it is highly difficult to work alone, in the darkness, with no social support or encouraging feedback, it is lonely and ungrateful.

being charitable, giving to the poor, helping those in   need, donating to the needy, being good citizen good parent, good boss – to all this, the gratifications and hugging from the public – are instant, and give instant satisfaction, whereas doing inner work, does not get any feedback at all, for almost no one on the horizontal vector is able even to notice it.

Many of the religions and spiritual ways are, in fact, not teaching us how to reach a higher level of being and existence in ourselves, but how to be better person in ourselves and in the way we treat others.

The shift of the center of gravity from the horizontal line to the vertical one, is movement from being stuck in the maintenance line, to the inner growth and development line.

Not only that, but most humans argue that we actually need religion in order to be moral – to give us a sense of right and wrong, and help us be ‘good’. That It sets a standard for good behavior and punishes the bad.

We’re used to the idea of powerful gods in the sky looking out on us and expecting us to be good. That’s the basis of Christianity, Judaism, & Islam.

 Here are two facts that put this assumption in question,

  1. The first fact is that according to the non-profit organization, “Vision of Humanity”, which publishes an annual Global Peace Index, the ten safest and most peaceful nations in the world are the least God-believing.

While the least safe and peaceful nations are the most religious. 

  • The second fact is that all three religions are responsible for much bloodshed.

So, this is an oxymoron, for no one wants to be ‘no good’ (as a person and towards others), yet there are those who are after, or already reaching higher states of consciousness, (as a way of being and living) – ponder whether they have to give up the idea of doing good from the fear that it will pull them from the vertical-growing vector to the horizontal-maintenance one? Or worse, that after reading this essay (and the person is on a spiritual journey) – he would cease doing good because he would feel that it is the wrong kind of religious or spiritual quest…

So, how does a student on a consciousness study path should treat the threat of replacing self-work with trying to be good? Should he stop to be good, in the hope that this would increase his intensity in his inner growth work?

Not at all! There is no contradiction between both, as long as one (be good) does not come on the account of the other (inner development).

Being located in the higher departments of oneself is beyond good and bad, not above, but beyond, in other words: non-relevant.

And here comes the million dollar question; can a highly developed person do something bad to another human being?

Well, in a balanced & healthy inner development this question doesn’t cross his mind. For if he is on this high level, all which is there is: pure, clean, and fine, being neutral, being of Service, Holism. Compassion, humility, tranquility and peace, loving truth and above all being authentic.

All these high qualities are like a huge umbrella, which is: wide and extensive enough consciousness, which covers almost all areas of human life which are below it; good and bad, good points and bad points, all don’t get wet (influenced) by the rains and storms of the difficulties of life.

When high consciousness becomes operative, its greatness overpowers the little noises of morality – coming from below, the higher more powerful engine (of developed consciousness)  silences the smaller engines of good and bad.

Under the tree of high level of consciousness no poisonous mushrooms of doing and being bad (with whatever this heading, of bad, might have under it) – could grow. 

This state of wide enough umbrella could also be called: Quantum consciousness.

So if you are high enough in your inner work you don’t have to bother yourself with questions whether you did good or bad. Your high state is your insurance policy.




Gabriel Raam


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