The umbrella over a crisis


Sometimes a crisis in the form of a kind of attack upon and from within oneself – is erupting. And then the person is exposed, venerable and without any protection.
The lower system in a person – is the maintenance system, which includes: the body, the emotion, the sexual center and the general well being of the person – this system is subject to the attacks and crises.
The sensitive person person is experiencing the first massive crisis – it is very severe. It could be called: “the dark night of the soul”: or: “Spiritual emergency”.

2 Explanations of the dark night of the soul – by quotes:

The Dark Night of the Soul is not merely “having a bad day” or even week. The Dark Night is a long, pervasive, and very dark experience. If you’re experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul, you will constantly carry around within you a sense of being lost. Your heart will constantly, in some shape or form, be in mourning, and this is because you long deep down to feel the presence of your Soul again.
― Aletheia Luna, Awakened Empath: The Ultimate Guide to Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Healing

Socrates once said, “I call myself a peaceful warrior because the important battles are inside.” Now I faced my own inner battle — a time of disillusionment, cynicism, and mental paralysis. I felt frozen in place, stuck between two worlds, belonging fully to neither. I wanted to go back, but I had seen too much to do so; yet I couldn’t see a way to go forward.

As my psyche went through this process of reorganization, I experienced a time of profound disorientation and suffering, not unlike that of those suffering from mental illness. This was my dark night of the soul, as various spiritual traditions have called it. The dark night of the soul can be a lonely time. We may find it difficult to communicate with others. Our lives may look relatively normal or even pleasant from the outside but feel very different on the inside.
~ Dan Millman

Is it possible at all to get out of this ‘dark night of the soul’?
Well, there are only few who enters the first massive crisis of the dark night of the soul –but they do not only survive their first crisis or collapse, (which is the dark night of the soul), but after they got out of it -their higher consciousness becomes now a crystalized consciousness, fully formed and reach its full power.
This is one of the results for the survivors of their dark night… the passing of consciousness up a level.
So, an upgraded state of higher consciousness – can act indeed as an umbrella, to the one who keeps experiencing crisis followed by suffering – for the second and third time, (multiple crises it is only the way things are in this worked. (Murphy ’s Law).
The situation where the upgraded higher sub-consensus is completely missing – is during sleep, therefore people who reached the survival state, and reached a fixed state of consciousness – are during sleep without any umbrella and defense at all.
The upgraded high consciousness (after surviving the dark night of the soul), is superimposing upon the bad state and suffering a kind of shelter or a roof from the radioactive rain of one’s suffering.
People who got out of the dark night of the soul – but are being attacked again by a crisis and antithesis (or from their inner shadow zone) – are now protected.
The higher subconscious, If and when, it was forged (by being able to survive the dark night of the soul) – is superimposing upon the bad state and the suffering a kind of a roof from the radioactive rain of one’s suffering.
And so, when the survival of the first massive crisis is being under crisis/attack again, he has now a higher consciousness that got from iron into steel (after the dark night of the soul). This process from rusty iron to stainless steel – is actually so powerful – that it can overshadow and transcend above any crisis.

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