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We became so depended upon the discoveries and advancement of science, that we follow it quiet blindly. And first and foremost for that is the science of medicine. Its controls our trust in medicine and doctors. I know what I am going to write here is inclusive and doing injustice to many doctors, but I am relating to a general tendency, of: officiality, distant attitude, and alienated service.

It is enough to see how we relate to a doctor M.D. there is a saying: “the difference between God and an M.D. is that God know that he is not an M.D. but an M.D. doesn’t know that he is not a God”. Yes, for us they know it all, and can do it all. A bit above normal human beings. why does God allow evil | Rev. Andrew P. CarrozzaWith it we all have full trust, that if something does go very wrong with my health – in a hospital they will save me and return me healthy back to my life.

But In their reception office, by their condescending silence, the patient feels there as though he is in a temple, and the doctor is some sort of a the high priest. It seems that they are a bit unaware that they are dealing with a helpless, suffering, dependent, poor – human being, and thus the humanity and empathy that should accompany the doctor – is generally absent. And at the end of the session, his words, his conclusion, his analysis – is cold, (even if the verdict id harsh and difficult) as though he is not dealing with a human being with feelings and emotions, but with a machine, that needs: x rays, or operation, or certain medication, very technical and mechanical, non-human.

The respect that we give our doctors is not at all mutual, it is unequal, for they give the feeling as though the patient is transparent. But our respect and even admiration is very great, for example; if we ask parents what is the profession they wish for their children? Most likely, that in the first 3 places, the profession of a doctor will appear….

It seems that when you are becoming potentially ill, it puts you on a lower status, and him who studies medicine – on a much higher status. They would never admit it, but the patients feel its absence.

This injustice could continue indefinitely. No one will protest against the exaggeration, almost worship, of them, so much so that they are immuned against criticism and questioning, there are above that.

This was the case until 2020, until then they have been mini Gods.

If a body or an establishment becomes too, or over, powerful, having too much power for its position – there must come the time that this Absolut ruler-ship would be challenged… In human history we have been ruled by Kings and Queens for centuries upon centuries, until one day at May 5, 1789 – Nov 9, 1799 in the French revolution, the royalty lost its Absolut ruling position.

French Revolution

2020, will be the year when the royalty of the medical profession was cracked; questioned, frowned at, criticized – shaken.

They became undressed from their royal metaphorical dressings, and for the first time viewed through their ability to conquer Covid 19 (which by the rules of their profession – it is within their realm of their responsibility).  In the beginning,(March, 2020) they got huge credit, a credit that got eroded as time went on, and the list of the number of the terminally ill and the dead in all countries – became longer and longer. What was amazing in all this is to see the mini-Gods running around in all direction, totally confused, disoriented and lost – in a way we never saw them before. The mask of the magician is sliding off and underneath is peeping an insecure, confused face. Yes, this face is very human, which is much understood, but it is not the mini-God we worshiped so far. They know only what they learned, which is only a drop in the huge ocean of what they never learned, which is the great majority of the unknown). And a typical example of a drop from the unknown is Covid 19. And covid 19 is only one specimen from the million drops which are in the unknown that science did not discover and might not discover most of them (because medicine doesn’t have fine enough equipment), What we don’t know will always be greater that what we do know.

In any event, if there would be one thing that could come out of this terrible Corona Virus, (in the hope that we would overcome it somehow) then it might be a certain shrinkage in the over inflated image of doctors at large.

Today, as far as the Corona is concerned – doctors are searching in the dark. Here is ‘an answer’ that Alber Camus puts in the mouth of a confused, but authentic doctor that return to sanity, to be human:

  “Do you believe in God, doctor?” No – but what does that really mean? I’m fumbling in the dark, struggling to make something out. But I’ve long ceased finding that original”.

Albert Camus




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