The art of finishing


(From the book: The Mysterious Life of Reality)

And you can also know how to say goodbye… Gather together everything that will be left behind, everything that is scattered, thrown away and discarded – into one neat, organized package. to repeatedly check every comma, every letter, as if it were a financial commitment of a large amount, as if it were a self-portrait that would hang forever in the gallery of time. This is the case with every ending: when you pack your suitcase, get up from the dinner table, close the door, end a conversation or a relationship, when you say goodbye to life… yes, even and especially then: to end it with care, self-respect, awareness and full, unequivocal and decisive intention. Yes firmly/

The ending must be different, different. Polar and opposite to the beginning.

Beginnings are often smooth. Things fall into place. Then, when the pieces fall into place and the picture is complete, the beginning becomes a normal, gratifying, automatic process. Things have found their dynamic place, the happening happens as if by itself. Then, at some time, the end comes:
Yes, at some time, the end is coming: (it does not mattaer if it is in a sick bad of a patent or a relationship -but it should be organized, connected and united. Interwoven, with meaning and conscious intention.

But we don’t know or care about how to finish, doesn’t matter how complit and harmonious was before, when it ends it is always abrupt, in a chose. And in humane relationship the end is not only chos it is a terrible antithesis from the promising beginning. and ofter one partmer abundant the other all of a sudden or attack her without mercy.

The end must be an organized package, clear and orderly, ready to be shipped and transported to the next station (whatever, and if, it may be).

The art of finushing

Truly sublime art.

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