The 3 creative generals – in prose, novels, plays, and essays


It is like a pyramid: at the bottom the most popular and the lowest level: fiction. The mid-level is plays (mainly drama), higher but only approachable on stage, the top level of the pyramid is the least popular but higher in quality:  philosophical essays.

  1. Stories are a kind of escapism, aiming at the imagination of the reader. Everyone loves stories. 
  2. One level up the story is the drama, which is based on dialogues only, which exposes behind the masks tragic human life.
  3. The pick is philosophical essays which deal with the truth of what our life is all about. This is the highest level. This are difficult to read because we get locked in intellectual cages.

There is a problem in all three genres, and the higher you go the greater is the problem 

Now a bit deeper:

It is true that there are entertainment stories like harry potter and high level authors like Hemingway and Falkner, but the medium of the story by its inborn nature, comparing to the two higher levels is one dimensional, flat and relying on plot and consumption of tension and stimulation. A story is a story.

A play is a set of dialogues, there is nothing more revealing and at the same time more wounding then dialogues. Highly powerful.

But putting it on stage makes it into a show and us to a spectators-consumers.

The best way is to read the play naked.

The main problem with philosophical essays is the style and language, both are highly complicated, very intellectual, and often the direct implication to human life is missing.

And as far as mediating those essays to ordinary readers, usually – if there os an implication to human life it is being taken out, and remains in the abstract realms

Philosophical essays could be explosive, mind blowing, critical biting way of perceiving the world, but, and are full with repressed truth,  it is challenging the normal way of living –  as a result of this its biting message is usually blurred,  hidden and covered.

With it, any form of creative writing is the most satisfying, gratifying, rewarding occupation for highly sensitive persons 

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