State of consciousness in emotional (personal) involvement.


Personal, or emotional, involvement, is the most difficult disease which attacks a person on the path to become self-conscious (or anyone). This is the emotions getting into a state of a ‘loop’, it is a whirling spin in which an emotional hurt swells above all proportion and is swallowing his natural feeling of self.
P.I. is the emotional system getting into a state of shock and a feeling of inner whimper.
The stages which schematically the P.I. is going through, usually, is in this order: first, emotional hurt, than identification, and then it could escalate into a P.I.
And then the person becomes locked in the turns of what hit him, and as it turns the more it gets in, and the more the person is dealing with it -the greater are the turns of the wheel of the P.I. it gets faster, and then the prison becomes more hermetic. And then he becomes lost to the world, to himself, to his consciousness (as limited as it may be).
To be in PI. Is to be in a state; which means: to be under powerful influence that for it you are a puppet on a string.
When this P.I. becomes the center of gravity, the consciousness go flat.
And all this begins when the person identifies with the negative emotion (generally, of being hurt).
P.I. is a collapse of the large picture of things, one gets lost in a dot (the P.I.), and the whole enormity of the world and the life of the person is, is disappearing in this tiny black hole of P.I.
When one is in an awaked and open state of consciousness – he cannot, mostly, get into P.I. – because when you are in this high state you see the whole picture, the more you ‘open’ the picture and see more ingredients – so the chances of getting into P.I. are lesser. It is the opposite of being in a P.I. – in an awake state of consciousness there an expansion, while in P.I. there is a contraction and the consciousness is scattered.

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