Soul orientation.


To be soul oriented is not meant here to be oriented towards one’s own soul, but the orientation of the soul itself towards something. A cry of the soul. Deep longing for a soul of kind.

 Most life goes without finding even one fit soul for the crying soul to be oriented towards, until one gets used to his soul cry for orientation. Until one day, one day a miracle might happen, and it meet a soul of kind. A soul of a special breed, the same high breed, made from the rare materials fit for long winding spiritual journey up the spine.

And then, at the meeting point with this kindred soul, oh God, all a sudden a great storm gushes from within, the whole body shivers with excitement, for now his soul’s orientation found the home for her longing at last, at long last.


Sad Lisa

Cat Stevens

She hangs her head and cries on my shirt
She must be hurt very badly
Tell me what’s making you sad, Li?
Open your door, don’t hide in the dark
You’re lost in the dark, you can trust me
‘Cause you know that’s how it must be

Lisa Lisa, sad Lisa Lisa

Her eyes like windows, trickle in rain
Upon the pain getting deeper
Though my love wants to relieve her
She walks alone from wall to wall
Lost in her hall, she can’t hear me
Though I know she likes to be near me

Lisa Lisa, sad Lisa Lisa

She sits in a…

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