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Physical doctors are excellent professionals when it comes to treating physical injuries and some illness.

But when it come to soul injuries there is mainly ignorance. Although there is no shortage of well trained psychotherapists and psychiatrists – they relay on two non-effective approaches: The psychotherapist is relying almost completely on the tool of words exchange, ‘Words, words, words. ‘This was Hamlet’s reply to Polonius’ question, ‘What do you read, my lord?’ (Shakespeare, 1603) [1]. by repeating the word three times, Hamlet suggests that what he is reading is meaningless.

If an affinity in communication was not created between the two, than the words by themselves alone were “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.: meaningless, flat, carry no message beyond themselves, words for words sake, words not as messengers to decipher the hidden inner kingdom of the soul.

And the psychiatrist is relying in the better case on psychiatric medications which at best are blurring and anesthetizing the perception of the treated individual, this is at best, at the worst case of severe depression they might minister an electrical shock straight into their brain.

In the psychiatric fields it is genrally believed that Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) can provide rapid, significant improvements in severe symptoms of several mental health conditions. ECT is used to treat: Severe depression, particularly when accompanied by detachment from reality (psychosis), a desire to commit suicide or refusal to eat.

But ECT can cause severe and permanent memory loss, brain damage, suicide, cardiovascular complications, intellectual impairment and even death. As of early 2017, the WA Chief Psychiatrist’s ECT Guidelines recommended ECT consent form, states: “In some people, memory loss may be severe and can even be permanent.”

Treated people who suffer on the soul level is an uncharted territory. The attempt to produce specialist to this mysterious field, in the same way that there are specialist for heart or lungs transplant is vain and has no scientific backup and no record of success. 

And best it is harmless at worse it is harmful.

If The psychiatrist and psychotherapist would come out and admit that their field is still experimental, and thus their risk taking would be restricted to minimum – it could be tolerated, but this is not the way they present themselves to the poor suffering human coming to them pleading for help, they come out fully confident in their very high status, after many years of study and specialization, accepting and demanding full trust and full obedience. Their power of control over the life of the people who are under their supervision is almost unlimited, and the establishment in society gives them full credit, backup and support.

When it comes to the crisis that the suffering human is under –mostly the authorized professionals don’t know what brought them to be in this serious state, except some speculations. 

When the suffering human on a soul level reaches a point when it is unbearable for him, and he does not want to suffer any more, instead of it being viewed it as a conclusion of clear minded individual who calculated the degree of suffering and measurers them against ending his or here’s life – we know that in many cases If an animals suffers to much it is considered to get the noble redeeming act that puts it out of iys miseries.

Nut when it cone to the same thing but in the soul level suffering of a human – all the authorized diploma carries professionals in the fiend of soul broken human – stand on its back legs to prevent this poor suffering soul; from redeeming itself from its suffering. 

A tragic decryption of such situation is in the amazing book: The shoot horses don’t they?

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