Photo analysis of: Mikel & Lory Patellar & group 21.9.2004


Opening chord:

All are looking happy and shining, and very much together. 

  1. The positioning of each one in the group is an indication of their sociometric status within that group.

Mikel and Lori are positioned in the center of this group. Which might mean that either they are considered to be more seniors or more popular, or both.

  1. The hierarchy of the relationship in this picture is less equal then what it is in the other picture. She is quite dominant, for she is pulling him towards her. And lets himself (although he seems to enjoy it).
  2. Comparing the other members – she is the only one to turn her back on any of the other members. There is a message in this. She might be transmitting to the other, that although she is with them –she is more with him, and also that she is not willing to share him with anyone else. But Mike is managing not to turn his back on, anyone. This might mean that he is less possessive of her, and at any rate he does not see a conflict between being with them and with her.
  1. Both of them appear as the strongest people in the picture. The reason being that both of them take a lot of territorial space. She is doing it with her elbow on the table; he extends his arm up to the woman close to the camera.
  1. They are the least close to others. It does not mean necessarily that there is less intimacy between them, but again – the need to expose a strong personality – prevails. 
  1. The smiles: The smile of the other 2 couples is open and full, somewhat childish; they give themselves in the smile (there are no reserves). Lori and Mike’s – smile is more reserved and controlled. This strengthens the feeling of maturity that both of them transmit, next to the others.
  1. There is something challenging in the tilt of Lori’s head, she looks from down to up, with the forehead being a bit forward. This gives her a sort of a dangerous look. As though she is saying to the cameraman: “watch out”…   Difficult to say why this is, could be she feels threatened by the presence of the other 2 women, together with mike’s appeal to women, could be.
  1. The shoulders of the other 2 women – are sliding down, she is the only woman with square high shoulders. This gives her presence a feel of power and refusal (not clear what to).
  1. Closing Chord: Lori transmits power and sex. Mikel transmits assertiveness and friendliness. The 2 other couples give a feeling of niceness, friendliness and joy of life. 

The picture has in it a feeling of intimacy between all. It seems that Mikel and Lori are the strongest people in the group.

Mikel and Lori are together and separate. Loving but tiring to keep some sort of independence.  

They need to be careful considering the space of each other.  

So, it is hot but with some obstacles. 


Analysed by Gabriel Raam

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