Photo analysis of Michael Jorden surrounded by media man


First of all, this is photograph and a picture of the relationship between the media and what is considered to be ‘a hot piece of news’.

This is picture of a siege. Michael Jorden is in the center, head bowed down (almost as sign of surrender) and a group of man is closing on him.
Non-verbally he is being attacked, squeezed from all directions.
There is him, and there is, them: their faces are sealed, without any feeling, empty: for they are functional units, fulfilling their role.  This faceless mob has got an opposite expression in their bodies; they are shooting him with their microphones, their bodies are secondary to the weapons (microphones). 

They are totally invading his personal space, from all directions, (”you cannot escape”) it looks likes hunters closing on a hunted animal.
There is no mercy or humanity in their body language, only total focus in the target.
This gives a peep into the life of this media man (there is no woman…? the old Chauvinism is ruling): Living under great pressure to deliver the ‘goods’, and it seems that they would do anything in order to get the hot story. (They work in a harsh and demanding professional environment). They are soldiers in the front line of the media battle field, who are there in order to get the hot news before (or as timely as) the others.
And what is striking is the great similarly in their body language – they are all in exactly the same posture... Meaning: they are totally enslaved in their mission. All identical, kind of robots, no individuality, they are enslaved to their duty, each one has a collective mentality, closing on the hot news. Jorden is not a human being for them, who deserves respect and consideration, as a human being, by giving him some breathing space.
This is a picture about human beings becoming heartless machines, who are in the total slavery to the god of news. And while they are in it they forget their basic endemic human compassion and brotherhood.

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