On nature of human development


It is important to understand about nature and human development.
Nature does not wish us to develop, its main obligation is to keep and maintain the status quo. But human however should dance to a different flute, the flute of creation. And there is a conflict for the human, between the two loyalties (creation and nature), but in order to disconnect (from the plant in order to be dedicated to creation) he has to break out of the eternal Recurrence and eternal return of the planet, and only then he can be set free from the cyclic grip and dependence on Mother Nature.

Nature is a great and complex maintenance system. Her job is to preserve cyclically the present state of affairs, but originally the human is opposite to the function of maintenance; he was supposed to be a spearhead.
The human originally was not posted here in order to integrate in this place, but to be a Pigeon post  longing to return home. We are strangers here, not like the Tigris or the snail.
The human as he is now, is already partially removed from nature, but he did it downwards to a level below nature, while the idyllic human should break the tempting harmony chains of nature, into another dimension.
The fauna and flora are already in there heaven here, fully developed and in full harmony with their mother nature.
We are not in heaven her, this is not our home, and we are here always in exile, should be crying to return to our real home in the stars.

And as human possesses the possibility of consciousness, we don’t need to get home physically, we can reach there by, and with, our developing consciousness. 

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