On influences


Things are happening here and on our life, and we think it starts with us, but we don’t see the strings to which it is attached.

Most of what is happening here is governed by forces not within our control or our awareness, we only respond.

Communism, the protestant religion, the new age, the hippie movement, the Jewish Hasidic movement, artistic influences -almost anything happening here, is governed by an influence.

Without a powerful influence washing humanity, nothing would arise here. We are puppets on the string of those influences. Even the outburst of an artistic talent could not happen without an influence powering and charging it.

Talent is only the entry point for the influence.

(Sometimes the talent of an artist is not producing a rich quality as before, this is because the influence is weakening). 

What makes the paintings of Van Gough to be of such great value and quality, compared to beautiful paintings of a retired pensioner? What is the difference really? They both look great. It could not be pointed out, it is not something tangible, it was the influence that washed through Vincent while he was painting.

Inspiration is not ours, does not belong to us, it is from the outside, from another level, it is a visit of an influence, seeing us as fit for the visit.

Or music, during the mid-1960 amazing music & lyrics was composed: Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Cat Stevens, and Paul Simon. And then it disappeared during the 70th and has not returned since.

We cannot originate anything, we can only respond (or not) to influences.

When the influence is over, nothing would be able to replace It, we are helpless without it.

Without the power of an influence we are impotent, can do nothing.

This concept is a remedy for humbleness, for no achievement is up to us, if something great is coming out of us or out of the group or movement we belong to – then it is because we learned not to interfere with the influence to do its work.

We need to understand that influences are like the wind; it comes and goes, it does not stay forever, every influence has a time limit, just like the wind, we are totally depended upon it, when it is gone, we are like a heap of what was a live puppet; stranded, lifeless on the floor.

When a great spiritual leader, a Hasidic rabbi, a Guru, a Sufi Sheikh, a person who attained a high order of holiness, or someone considered to be a saint – is surrounded by enthusiastic people – what they want is to breathe deeply from, is the high influence, they believe is passing through him and they wish that some of it will attach itself on them.

That’s why we worship heads of spiritual and religious movements, cultural heroes, keep looking at great works of art, read inspiring books -we try through them to connect back to the influence which was behind them.

And of course every religion has got its sacred texts that its followers believe that by frequent reading in them, they can connect to the holy influence that wrote it.

There are two ways to write a text, or composing a piece of music or creating any work of art: it could be with a high influence or without it. 

Of course most of them are without a high influence, in order to create it with a high influence in it, the creator must be connected to it at the time and must attain a higher level of consciousness then normal while creating.

(If it has a high influence, like the Tao te Ching, for example, then usually it is quite dense or enigmatic quality and thus it needs interpretation, in order to release from the text the high influence).

Many connected, spiritual and inspiring figures and leaders – are tempted to release all their high influence during their own life time, so that nothing is left for coming generations, few are have the long distance view, to invest their wisdom and influence in texts in such a way that it will preserve the influence for the generations to come, to open the text and be charged by the influence in it.  


Bach couldn’t have possibly composed his music, no human can, and specifically not Bach’s music. A very high influence must have done it, through him.



Everything you did not suffer and redeem totally – will return back to you.

Herman Hesse.


I don’t believe in talent.

I don’t believe in talent.

I believe in influences.

And the artist is on the way…

The way through which

The high influences are passing.

And he is on the way,

But not blocking

But rather allowing,

So that:

Moving music

Deep philosophy,

Souls’ poetry

Through him –

Would be born.




Gabriel Raam – thoughtful poetry.

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