On force-clouds and their reaction to sudden threat


Part one: Force-clouds
We know of force-clouds from the world of computers, when one could house even the whole content of his computer on a force-cloud. But there are other force-clouds; there are energy-forces which live in a kind of human cloud-forces.
Each organization, establishment, or a society has a kind of a force-cloud, the greater is the group, religion, nation, or society – the more powerful would be their corresponding ‘force-cloud’.
This happens in the unknown worlds, in the worlds of energy, between the various groups and their force-clouds.

Part two: what does it mean?
And now to an explanation of the main idea that has been brought here; the concept which is being introduce here sound strange, almost fictional. For according to what is written here, there are unknown forces that are in a form of clouds that hover above and there is an interaction between us and them.
I presume that a person that thinks that reality is only that which is in the known, rational and the tangible – will find what is written here difficult to digest.
But we will go on, to the issue of energetic, or force-clouds.
If we take a football match; it is not the skilled team, the better trained and with better players – which is the team that wins, but it is the one that is connected to a more powerful force-clouds; force-clouds that are being created by the combination of passion & quantity of the football supporters.
Each team is connected to a kind of ‘battery’ (the force-cloud) that is charged by the enthusiasm of the supporters.
And the more this battery is charged – so the chances of the team to win – increases.
And it is not only about football teams; every group, every establishment or country – are connected to a force-cloud, which is created by the collective transmissions of all the people who are connected to the frequency of that particular energy cloud.
It is their thoughts and emotions which are charging the ‘battery’ or the force-cloud, which, later on, feeds and gives back to each one, the collective energies of the cloud.
Anyone who is on a certain frequency, attracts to himself everyone’s energy who is on that frequency, and all who are on the frequency of a particular force-cloud are also on the same frequency as each other.
If there are, let’s say. 400.000.000 Catholics, then they transmit to their cloud energy- support, which keeps their cloud strong and charged.
And maybe this explains why the Catholic Church (being just one example) wants as many people as possible, and why it nourishes and strengthens their religious cleavage. Because the more Catholics there are and they are full with religious belief – so they are charging the Catholic force-cloud. But if their cleavage is not serious, then there is a need for more followers that will compensate for the lack of powerful belief of the followers.
And this is the way to understand missionaries; almost every religious organization wants as many followers as possible, for this will strengthen the power battery. So is the case with Christianity, Islam, republicans, democrats, communism and Capitalism. What is on the line for them is an attempt to grow by number & passion and in this way to increase the power of their energy clouds.
A Communist is supposed to send pure Communistic frequency to his force-cloud, but when many Communists are dreaming about private property – their force-cloud is losing much of its power, (because it was no longer receiving pure communist energy). This is how many movements, organizations and empires – crumbled down.
If a new way, group or movement wants to develop, it depends (again, from the unknown world’s point of view) upon two things: one is the joining of new members, and the second is that members are really loyal & passionate, in their own thoughts about their common frequency.
A person could not achieve much by himself, but connecting to a powerful energy cloud charge him with much energy, and then he can do. This is what is behind people joining groups, parties, religious movement, and prestigious universities.
Each group each party, each country has got an energy cloud that feeds it.
Many people, when they get old join a religion, this is because they are getting weaker and thus in need for a recharge…

Now a question: what happens to individuals that start to be critical and challenging about their own force-cloud?
The greatest most powerful force-cloud that there is on the planet is the human societies’ norms force-cloud (which includes the majority of human beings). Now, what happens to an individual that goes against the overall power and dominance of its force-cloud?
The few that put themselves out of the majority are reflecting to the majority groups that they are not a slave of the herd, and that they (the majority group) are stuck in mediocracy.
Well, the individual, this rebel, is being attacked, then, by the energy cloud of the majority, that identifies him as not belonging, as carrier of a different, threatening – frequency; as a rebel. A rebel doesn’t have to stir a revolution, it is enough to have the stance of a rebel inside. More on the rebel stance – in the great book of Albert Camus – The rebel.

Part three: The radical deviation
Could it really be that there are forces that home on a human being just because what is alive in him is on a conflicting or threatening frequency to the frequency of the consensus?
Well, the human society norms force-cloud is huge, stretching all over the planet, includes around 90% of all human beings, (even if you compare two most distant countries – although they might talk a different language – social wise, they have the almost same norms and convention), and thus human society’s force-cloud is an incredibly powerful force-could. Their force-cloud could not allow a sudden challenge to their superiority without a counter response, for it must keep its current balance of power, and when this dominant balance is threatened by an individual – the forces (from the cloud-force) go to restore the balance by attacking what is now out of balance (the rebelling individual).
If you are either a conformist or develop slowly and gradually a radical view which is against the dominance of societies’ norms – the cloud-force will not notice you, it only notices a sharp deviations from the central frequency of the good citizens of the said force-cloud.
This widely spread most powerful social force-cloud is highly sensitive to deviation from the social norm, especially for a sudden and abrupt deviation from the social norm.
A sudden deviation could be a dangerous affair especially for a radical person that attacks society’s norms, or attacks the herd mentality, and suddenly sees success in his criticism – then that which he attacks must attack him back from its force-cloud, as wrote Isaac Newton:

What for him is a very longed for recognition or a breakthrough, could be followed by a boomerang from the social force-cloud that hits him straight in the head.
The destiny of a suddenly successful radical person is much worse than the one who remain unknown.
The social norm’s cloud could not bare the sudden breakthrough of those which antagonize it. And is going out against the successful rebel.
Now to explain; if and when a radical person (challenging societies’ norms) is developing his rebellion gradually and slowly, no counter reaction from the cloud would happen. Only when it is a revolutionary act that happens suddenly against the social norms, only then, the antithesis (bursting from the cloud) is coming into action, and in direct relation to the sharp turn of the breakthrough of the rebel.
Slow progression is safe, a sudden rebellion breakthrough is dangerous.
The force-cloud has got such sensitive feelers, that it can sense challenging individuals, and especially those who succeed in their mission all of a sudden after a long period of failure.
So, the best way of progression for the rebel, or radical criticizer of societies’ norms (mostly the informal one, they are more effective and powerful, and completely unknown) is to mature his radical opposing view slowly and gradually, this way he will not be noticed by societies’ force-cloud. No sharp turns, and no breakthrough all of a sudden, those are dangerous because of the counter reaction from societies’ norms force-cloud, that will attack without hesitation.

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