Mood swings and ascending Fluctuations


People in general are going through mood swings, the average ones go through moderate mood swings, and the deep, sensitive and unique people are going through deeper and stronger mood swings. (this is because of a powerful resistance by the collective majority -consensus).     
Now, mood swings are true for most people, who live on the horizontal line, meaning: the maintenance bar.

Horizontal - math word definition - Math Open Reference
But there are those on the Vertical line, who are moving, going somewhere, pioneering for themselves a destiny. Here they experience a much greater gap between being high and being low. (There is a much greater gap between being high and being low on the ascending line, then the gap in the mood swings of the maintenance bar).
To clear: when you are on the maintenance bar you are not really moving somewhere, you just move between feeling better or worse, whereas the residents of the breakthrough bar are being moved between feeling high and feeling low; on top of the wave or under it. This is because they are going somewhere – when you move from low to high, there will be always fluctuations; no movement of breaking a personal glass ceiling – would happen without these fluctuations. No elevation or ascendance happens in a straight line, the reason being that the resistance to the breakthrough attempt (and the gravitational pull from below) is too powerful. In this bar you are again like the sea; one day on top of the wave, one day at the bottom, but despite this the waves keep moving to the shore.
Everyone’s movement towards the unknown would be through this two states (being in a high state and being in a low state), and to clarify; in this ascending bar – they don’t move from feeling good to feeling bad or worth, (like with the maintenance people), but between being up and being down, and there is a difference; in the breakthrough bar the down is much more powerful than just feeling bad (the maintenance bar people). You literally fall from being in the high end of yourself to suddenly be dropped to an abyss (from height), this is difficult and painful. But this is the only way to move to a new horizon: by waves.
Now, it is not as though being down is against the movement of forward and up, both (up and down) are equal participants in this journey ahead and up. In advancement there are no straight lines, only wavy lines, (again like the sea).

Now (when on the vertical line) why do you fall down at all? and why and how do you get back to the high end?
When you fall, it is because you fell asleep, forgot the goal – the long view, and became more mechanical and automatic, then you drop down.
You fall because you are still mechanical and you forget what a great endeavor you are involved in and where it is leading to, and the other reason for the fall is of course: personal involvement, and taking things personally.
Ok. But what makes the movement back up again (to the top of the wave) possible?
Well, through conscious motivation and a desperation:
To remember who you are and remember that you are a soldier on an upward journey. When you do remember, you draw power from this knowing.
You drop down because you returned to being mechanical and a slave of mechanical reactions. And to get out and up again you need to do it consciously and by reconnection to the desperate motivation.
But, remember, again; the ups and downs are not important as long as the longing in you to reach the shore of high consciousness – is burning in you in a great fire. Then you would survive the downs, because you know that they are an integral part of the journey – ahead and up.

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