Fragments on: beauty and strength, as symbols.

Standbeeld van de Venus van Milo. Gegoten marmer. 33 cm. afbeelding 1

Venus from milo, symbolizes beauty.

A preface:

What attracts a woman to a particular man? And what attracts a man to a particular woman?
Or in a more general sense: what it is in a woman that attracts a man? And what it is in a man that attracts a woman?
Of course everyone has got his/her taste and preference about who she/he is attracted too, but what is talked about here are Architypes, what is the architype of attractive male and what is the architype for being an attractive female.
Many man, (especially the more powerful ones), are drawn to beautiful woman, and many woman are drawn to powerful man, either by appearance or by having money or being in a high status.
But why it is like that?
Well, like in many things; the answers are not nesseraly in what is obvious, like fashion, biology, genetics and social norms. But in the symbolic- metaphorical field. Beauty and power (or strength) are ambassadors for something else then themselves, and in what they represent is the understanding of them.
If so, then we are attracted to this two to what are we attracted to for real?
Beauty is a quality of the soul, power is a quality of the consciousness.
The attraction to beauty is to what beauty symbolizes: a pure and high quality soul.
The attraction to power is to what power symbolizes: a warrior’s bravery in consciousness.
The attraction of a woman to strength and power in a man are the archeological remains to what beauty and strength represented once: consciousness and soul.
And now, that both of them are almost no longer active in human beings – all which is left is their representation in appearance, but we lost the memory of what they represent.
Man is supposed to excel in his powerful consciousness, the woman is supposed to excel in her pure and high quality soul.
Consciousness is characterized by characteristics of courage, fighting spirit and penetration. The soul is characterized by softness, acceptance and soul to soul communication.
Each gender is longing to what is missing in him or her.
But as it has been written before, only the representation is left. When they meet each other it is usually a meeting between restricted consciousness and the frozen constricted soul.
And so, in the absence of alive consciousness and soul – a regular meeting between man and woman is happening between intellect and technical abilities – with emotional intelligence and nonverbal sensitivity.
Until those characteristics will not go through a process of upgrading, the union will not be complete, for she will remain unsatisfied emotionally, and he would be unsatisfied with the fact that his practical-technical- intellectual ability – did not get a partner.
He wants results and achieving a goal and she is not a partner for that. She wants warmth and emotional inclusion, and to that he is not a partner.
In a not upgraded meeting, one partner will feel not fulfilled.
In every person the place of consciousness (Shiva in Hindu) is in, and above, the head. The place of the soul (Shakti in Hindu) is in the bottom of the spine, and between them, thier life is spread.
Consciousness is the spiritual, or the higher, side of thinking, the soul is the spiritual, or higher side of sexuality and emotions.
Consciousness and soul – are thinking, from one side and sexuality and emotions, from the other side – that were upgraded.
Until the thinking processes goes through an octave jump – the consciousness is asleep. And until sexuality and emotions are being released – the soul remains in prison.
The sexuality and the emotions of the woman is being activated by the man’s head, and the head of the man is activated by a female sexuality and emotions.
Both man and woman has consciousness and a soul. And so, his ability to reach his soul, goes through a woman, and the ability of a woman to reach her consciousness is going through the man who is with her.
He could free her consciousness from its sleep (“sleeping beauty”),
and she could warm his frozen soul.
When she gets free she becomes a noble princes, when he gets free he becomes a consciousness warrior.
Consciousness warriors cultivate noble princes, and they cultivate consciousness warriors.
Warriors and princess are a paraphrase on ancient myths, about imprisoned princes and wondering knights; and once he arrives she is set free and he finds a home.

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