Why do great people have a difficult destiny?


Why do great people have a difficult destiny?
What is the connection between both?
Mediocre people have a mediocre life.

And what about special people? what about them? Why do they need apperantly to suffer more than the mediocre people? 

This are the questions, with the facts of which, many would not agree (‘is this fact proved statistically’?).

 Well, if this unique people succeed then they are immune against difficult life, they are even worshipped, but if they remain obscure, unrecognized, and yet carrying within greatness, or some sort of specialness or some kind of a spark – what happens then? Well, society (which rules all) gives them hell. Now, why should they do that? 

Well, the sparkles majority will perceive them in a reverse fashion to who they really are. The special minority are connected to their being which radiates around them a presence (a kind of electro-magnetic field). This presence would be most likely misinterpret by the closest people to him. This power will empower and charge whatever is prime in the other, and if what is prim (for example) is greed, or, egocentric dominance, or thirst for power, or taking everything personally, etc. – then the other gets from the unique person a true image of himself – powered, and it is an image he doesn’t like, this cause him to feel great antagonism towards him, or to disconnect.

All this is true, unless the special person can put on a roll and act as a mediocre person, in which case his life will be much easier.they transmit that they are better ( meaning that the other is less than them), a great man (recognized or not) is powerful, and he powers the high point in the other, and if the high pint happened to be: pride, or insulte, or envy, or inferiority complex, guilt feeling, or self doubt – all of them get powered by the charge that comes from the special person.
Without him being connected to vhis being and thus have strong presence- he will not be powerful enough to cause rejection.


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