Tzadikim Nistarim (Hidden Righteous ones)


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The human society could be likened to a human organism; as there are the working class, production workers, in society, so it could be compared to the hands. The professors in society could be compared to and the mentality in the body. The artists and the performing arts could be likened to the intuitions and the emotions.  The heart could be paralleled to all the engines (airplanes, cars, etc.), the eyes could be likened to cameras. Society is the microcosm. The human body is the microcosms. Almost to every part in the microcosms there is an equivalent in the macrocosms, accept the soul. 

In society at large it is not difficult to notice that it is hard society, materialistic, tough and external society, looking at the equivalent of a high spark like the soul would lead us nowhere. 

And what about the soul? Well it is hidden, it is a hidden, outside and inside. 

There is a Jewish tale that there are 36 Tzadikim Nistarim (in Hebrew), meaning: ‘hidden righteous people’. And if not for them, the world would not hold. A notion rooted within the more mystical dimensions of Judaism

Those 36 hidden righteous men (Tzadikim) were a landing ground for what is called the: shekhinah, which in classic Jewish thought (could be a version of the holy spirit), the shekinah refers to a dwelling or settling of divine presence on the head of the person, to the effect that, while in proximity to the shekinah, the connection to God is more readily perceivable.[12]

In some sources, shekinah represents the feminine attributes of the presence of God,[13][12] shekhinah being a feminine word in Hebrew, based especially on readings of the Talmud.[14] (Wikipedia).

The hidden righteous ones don’t know each other, and with people below their level they cannot really talk – so, they must be lonely.

There are high or holy man that becomes great teachers, Guru’s, Rabbis, great masters. This are not authentic righteous or holy. They had to make a choice; authentic, pure and high, or to rule and be a master. And too many choose to be ruling masters. And this made his ego overcomes his spiritual greatness.

The 36 hiding, unknown Holliman. Go on with no praise, totally unknown, sacred from the self-cancelation of their followers. 

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