Trans dental dialogue

Martin Buber quote: When I confront a human being as my Thou and...

Dialogue, doesn’t exist, we hardly met a genuine dialogue during the whole of our life.
Dialogue is absent. Just empty talk all over. Talking about nothing, leading nowhere.
Life without the ability to dialogue, the conversation is a flat, one dimensional, going round in circles. No aim to the conversation, the talk itself is the target. To talk for talking sake.
Dialogue is never remains on the same level on which the conversation is taking place, it is always breaking into another level, another dimension.
If conversation is chaotic, jumping from subject to subject. In dialogue it is a method with strict rules.
But the most important thing about it is the gap between conventional flat conversation and the higher level of it. There is an abyss between them, which cannot be crossed gradually, only by jumping, and a dialogue is the jumping board. The dialogue must search and find the greatest paradox, and through it find a reversal point, and do a quantum leap, and then in a miraculous way being transported to the real, high, authentic, deep and dynamic domain.
There are several conditions to be able to transform ordinary talk to a dialogue, if not kept, it will remain like a balloon without air.
Without a quantum leap through dialogue – the hidden dimensions, in which the cause and the – cannot happen.
Dialogue is a spaceship to take us to where the real happening is taking place. Only through and after dialogue can we find ourselves in a real and magical world at the same time.
One of the first steps in instigating the beginning of the dialogue is what I call: “The detective method (or analysis)”.
Detectives are not needed for what is known, for that there are clerks, administrative and technical staff. Detectives come to the world to find hidden truth which mostly is in the unknown, but in order to find it in a conversation, one must look for signs in the seen, like: what doesn’t fit, what doesn’t belong, contradiction, oppositions, and above all: paradoxes, all could be entry ports, secret passage ways, leading corridors – into the dimension of the hidden truth.
Conversation is the main arena upon which such dialogue discoveries could happen, and the detective tools in this mission of salvaging the truth from the unknown – are: persistent penetrating questions, and an ear to sense what doesn’t fit, what is missing, what doesn’t make sense. And then to remove responses which are obvious, and are brought in not because it is true, but because it is within easy reach and convenient.
A dialogue is a bridge between meaningless talk, and the real meaning which is hiding in the other dimension, which is reachable only by Trans dental dialogue
“Dialogue…is a way of exploring the roots of the many crises that face humanity today. It enables inquiry into, and understanding of, the sorts of processes that fragment and interfere with real communication.”
David Bohm from his book On Dialogue

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