To see the soul 



When looking at a person we see at first his exterior, but the look can continue further in, to pass on the mask, and then through thoughts, opinions, feelings, sensations, wishes, self-image, talents, and more, and the deepest inside is the soul, there the look stops, but who’s look succeeds getting there?

The real reality of human beings is the reality of their soul life. What is Characteristic of the soul is its rarity, very distant deep inside, and it could be said that she belongs to the subatomic worlds. 

Small and concentrated and as such her power is a quantic, subatomic power. Everything comes from her, she is the fountain that nourishes all, but when she is being blocked – the whole life of the person becomes empty and one dimensional. 

The conventional look is used to big flat bombastic objects, this is the road away from intimacy, but the soul is the intimacy in its essence. So the look for, and at, the soul, is a look which is searching the hidden, the rare and the deep. But the ordinary look is at a person as though it is trying to find talents for a circus, it is looking for the big and the impressive, for what the public will cheer for, but the soul is not good in exterior impressions, politics and public relations, when she is in front what is loud and big – she gets silent and disappears, she needs a careful ecology, an ecology which is searching for the fragile, the small and the sensitive, in order to support it and to give it a support.

And now about how to look; firstly it is to the eyes, but it is not a direct shooting look, it is rather a soft non direct look, it is rather as a team of rescuers looking for survivals, or a look at a frightened puppy under the bed, it is a look that says: I did not come to hurt just to counsel, to comfort, to give help.  

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