To live in the city

Lessons You Learn Living in a Big City – Reflect & Refresh

which is being lifted– the stronger are 0ur inner muscles – city ‘heavy-lifting’ means that now the coping ability to lift the heavy weight of our personal development has increased greatly.
Another example: without the hard resistance of the floor –our feet would not gather the power to be able to walk.
Give me complete natural harmonious ecology and only natural wild ingredients – and I will sink inside into a low pressure, and with inner low pressure – no personal development is possible. It could be done only by very high pressure.
So, in this sense, the city presents to the truth seeker the best conditions to increase inner pressure in oneself, which allows one to be able to cope and overcome the very powerful infantile level of oneself.
City life is bad for lower systems, but it excellent for the increase of the fighting power for personal development- within oneself.
Without this warrior spirit that must rise if one is to survive in city life – his power and endeavor to personally develop will be weak and non-effective.

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