To judge people of uniqueness


In looking at a person of uniqueness, or of an outstanding caliber in a particular area – he can be seen as wonderful or terrible, depends on the angel from which this person is being looked at. A professor looks great from the prism of academic achievements, but could be perceived in a less favorable view if looked at through the prism of physical fitness or physical attractiveness.
Or a football player who is judged through his ability to analyze a postmodern text. (It does not come to say that there are no professors with highly physical attractive appearance, or football players who are experts in analyzing a postmodern text, but the examples are for highlighting the principle point.
This is true about most human beings, every person invests more in a particular area and less in another. And if he is being judged according to the area in which he is not invested, and specialized in – then the results would not be to his favor. But this is especially true for people who are with intellectual, creative, conscious or spiritual – uniqueness.
And the more the resources of that which they are unique in will be charged and loaded with potential, so the gaps between what he is good in and what he is not good in, would get greater and wider.
So that when looking at a person through his lower part, and from it looking at the higher part (in which he invested and has achievements in) – it would always look bad.
There is no possibility for a person to be special or outstanding in all areas. Most people are born average, with little investment in most of their areas; intellectual, creative, spiritual, practical etc. But in a person of uniqueness who gets huge investment in a particular area – it will always be on the account of other areas in his life.
The preaching for balanced life must come from a worldview which upholds averageness.
The average person does not transcends beyond what is normal and common to all. He will not become what friedrich nietzsche called: the übermensch.
About being average or unique is written in: Peer Gynt, by Henrik Ibsen.

Henrik ibsen

Henrik Ibsen in his Peer Gynt has created a minor figure of absorbing interest–the Button Molder–who embodies the poet’s ideas regarding immortality and the existential purpose of the individual life.
The Button-Molder appears grim and macabre as, with his huge ladle, he comes to fetch Peer’s soul: to take him to the kingdom of the dead:
” Peer Gynt: …but listen, there is no doubt that here there is a big mistake, I am not totally evil, my dear, not once I did good things, could be indeed that I am a fool – but for your ladle my sin is not enough.
The Button-Molder: this is the verdict you have made: not a criminal you are, just a trespasser of violations of half a penny, and from the fire of hell you will be saved, therefore, like most people, in my ladle you will be melted”.

The Button-Molder explains that those human beings who have done something distinctive–either good or bad–live on in heaven or hell, while the vast majority, the great average, are to be ‘merged in the mass’ by going into the Button-Molder’s ladle.
Greatness is mostly on the expense of something. If a person wants to live balanced and correct life from various aspects: health wise, social, psychological and so on – he will reach nothing meaningful in his life.
Balance means no movement, no dynamic happening, to go somewhere you need to be out of balance. A complete balance is paralyzing and makes for a static life.
Therefore, Medicine and therapy (of any kind) will not go hand in hand with spiritual, creative or conscious – growth. For they aspire to bring the person to a balance. Nature did not bring us here to be balanced, but that we would be dynamic, causative and in a journey to somewhere. The immediate example is food, nature did not supply us and organic life – with available, easy to reach – food, animals move to places in search for food, we need to go out of our way, to work and be active in order to have food. This need to be dynamic in order to get food – is also true about higher levels in oneself.
The life of a balanced person will be a flat plain, the life of an unbalanced person will be with high mountains.
And when there are mountains, there are valleys, and the taller is the mountain – the steeper will be the valleys.
Also, a real appreciation of the caliber of a person should be done in the environment that gives his best a chance to be. For example, a judge in the Supreme Court, will get the respect that he deserves, only in the court room, for trying to get appreciation of him in a football field – will not do justice to him.
When it comes to the life of a person, and not to his occupation, or social status and position – things are not so simple, they are complicated and hidden.
When it is about a person with inner uniqueness which either: spiritual or to do with level of consciousness, or the development of a higher self

  • Here it is not easy to get the proper evaluation of that person.
    The evaluation of a balanced person is not difficult, he will be ok in any context, not too good not too bad, not very successful not a failure, (like Peer Gynt) and it is usually done by accepted measuring tools. The evaluation of a non-average person does not have a social ecology in which he could be measured, there are no external positioning such as place of work, the statues of his occupation, his diploma and more. All he has is inside of him in the hidden dimension of his being.
    A great person, or a person that has got greatness in him must be always controversial, (he would especially be so amongst the average ones).
    He could be accepted, but only if he adopts a non-authentic behavior, and more authentic he would be (not trying to be good in what he is not good in) – the more the judgment of him will be fierce and sever.
    This people would generally will not receive a mild attitude, they are either being much appreciated or totally be abolished.
    And this is the price of internal uniqueness which is with being authentic; the judgment of the masses, but the real problem for them is in the area which is between him and himself, the moment he surrender to examine himself through the not bright parts of him, here will begin his real downfall.
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