The uncompromising teacher


What happens when an unsuspecting and unprepared searcher after truth is meeting an uncompromising spiritual teacher? Either they join him, or they confront him, if they join him – all is well, problems start when they feel his uncompromising power in action. What then? If they are not strong enough they might become passive, if they are a bit stronger they will be passive-aggressive, if they are strong, they will object and argue.
Indeed, most spiritual teachers never attack anything, anyone or anybody, they only offer large doses of peace, elevation, faith, encouragement, and so on. No confrontation, no rebellion. So usually, students don’t have to take a stand, for all is up in the air. But with the uncompromising teacher- his words are like swords, cutting the air, making way for finding the hidden diamond of truth. But he is powerful in action not against them, he is powerful in action because he is busy paving the way in the conventional jungle of thought, cutting bushes and trees of accepted norms, that stand in the way to truth.
He is the knight for the captive princess of truth, and his speeches are in fact a passion-play of the consciousness knight, saving the truth princess from the dark cave of social conformity and herd mentality.


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