The three stages towards a dynamic.


A person wants to open a business, or start any new line of progression, towards the mastery of ant new zone or an area.

For example, starting to drive (after having a new driving license).

Or staring to go to the gym.

Opening a new restaurant.

Starting to work on a Ph.D. 

What is common to all this areas and examples, is that they must go through three stages, and only if they reach the third stages (dynamic) – can they be the masters of this new field

Graphically they look like three circles, one within the other; 

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The first stage, (like a seed), is in the middle, the second stage is in in between (like the bark and twigs), and the mastery stage is on the outside (like a tree).

  1. Red, inner circle, physical stage; isolated unites level.  The first stage of any new area is the most difficult, when each step forward is followed by half a step back. It is the stage of struggle, here the gravitational pull of no experience is pulling back against the vision of the third stage. Here the resistance is maximum and is equal or greater than the drive to continue.  Here everything is split to isolated units, you have to overcome one unite to be able to pass to the next one. One effort gets only one result. One continues not because of the drive, but  despite the resistance. This is the circle of reason, and if you don’t pass to the second level (the process) – you return again and again to the first level. A loop.
Electricity and Magnetism for JEE Advanced Exam Preparation: Physics |  Shiksha
  1. Green, middle circle. The second stage is the magnetic level; groups level. Here the resistance is lesser, and here things are no longer in isolated units, where you have to deal with many different resisting individual factors, each one at the time. here is the level of groups, you don’t advance in step by step, as rather by jumps, you deal in lumps, you do one effort and gets a bunch of results, here you need to push less and allow more, things happens less by effort and more by allowance, it works like magnets do, it works by attraction of opposite poles, the person is denying what he doesn’t want (-) negative and this will attract to him what he does want (+) positive. Here it is more fluent. For example, in driving, there are less mistakes and the driving is more streaming. This is the circle of process.
Guide to electricity and magnetism for electrical engineers | EEP
  1. Blue, outer circle. This is the electrical stage; dynamic level. This is like being connected to an electrical current; all is happening as by itself, no push, no effort, no resistance, the flow is continuous, and all what one can do is not to interrupt, the flow happens as though by itself, Here the person is not involved (=) neutral vector, he is a channel through which all happens as by itself. This is the circle of result and of a dynamic flow.
WT_9809] Ks3 Physics Electric Current And Potential Difference Revision 5  Free Diagram


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