The structure of a development line


The route of reaching a higher level, whether in conversation or within oneself (as part of inner work) must follow two condition:

 A. Going through ups and downs on the way. Those on the way of upgrading (themselves or their relationships etc.) -must experience alternating series of feeling good (being on top of the wave) and then feeling bad (being at the bottom of the wave), and so on, several times – until the top is reached.
B. This series of ups and downs, high and lows – happen in an ascending, diagonal line; in an angel of 45 degrees:

One must understand that each down or up on the way, aren’t important, what is important is the direction which is forward and up.
But this two (A and B) by themselves, are not enough in order to complete a process of reaching a high level of (whether in conversation or in existence.)
Without a third condition, the high level might indeed be reached, but upon arriving there, we might find nothing; we would find that the final stage is without a living charge. In order to find a top with a living charge – something else should happen (in about two thirds of the way up), and it is a reversal point, this is caused by neutral observation (very difficult…) which leads to a happening of: catharsis, realization and admission and paradigm shift – which then will cause a great relief, for from now on he does not push anymore – he is sucked upwards from the top. This reversal point turns everything so far, upside down. A new clear, higher view, is taking now the central stage.

A comment: in the individual journey towards a permanent level of high consciousness – this pattern should happen several times – until it is crystalized.

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