The sensitive ‘film’ of the highly sensitive person


Undeveloped 35 mm, ISO 125/22°, black and white negative film
H.S.P. (highly sensitive person) is like a photographic film, there is a difference between a film (with which it is possible to photograph either a regular picture or in a roentgen) and just a copying paper.
A copying paper cannot register reality, whereas the film can register direct anything which is there at the time.
A copying paper can copy what was filmed already, but only the film can have direct access to what is there, naked, raw, as it is.
The film of the H.S.P. photographs reality and also the parts of reality which are not obvious (like in the X ray Machine).
Most people do not photograph raw reality, but are copying the picture which was already photographed on pages.
Indeed the film can perceive a picture of reality and hidden reality (C.T. and X rays), but its advantage is also its disadvantage; this sensitivity to impressions can also burn it, if the impressions are too powerful or coarse. A paper could be exposed to light and nothing would happen to it, but the film needs the protection of darkness, it should not be exposed. A strong light can burn it, it works well when hidden, peeping at reality through a peephole in the camera.
And this being burned by being exposed to light – is what happens to sensitive children when they meet, from one hand, the educational system and from the other hand, the children’s group. The meeting with the dominance of the educational system and the norms of the conformist children’s society – is exposing their sensitivity to the burning effect of the outside, and this is engraving in them a trauma.
The exposure of the H.S.P. to social stigma, to the coarseness of regular life and maybe even to excommunication – causes them to a suffering by burning their sensitive film, but it is the same film that receives reality as it is, and so they indeed see reality the way it is, but with it, they become burned and their life- full of crisis.
Their personal life becomes the price they pay for their outstanding registration of reality.
But what exactly is in them that makes them able to perceive the reality and also the hidden reality? What is exactly this sensitive film in them?
Well, the receptors in the human psyche are his nerve system, they are a kind of seismograph, and the nerve system is the sensitive film.
Once, when talking about a psychological crisis, they called it: a nervous breakdown.
The nerve system can receive situations which are beyond the regular material reality. And it is the one that measures the electricity in the air, the dynamic in a conversation, the inner charge in another, what lives in a person and not in his mask. The sensitive nerve system of the H.S.P. is the dog’s ear that receives the ‘dog’s whistle’ that the regular human ear does not get.
And the more a system is sensitive – so it could be destroyed more easily and quickly; the same organ in us which registers the less obvious reality, is also the one being destroyed easily, when the reality becomes too acidic and burning for the sensitivity of the film.
A lack of psychological stability is, to large extent, to do with a sensitive and fragile nerve system that functions in a crud society which ignores the inner life of the individual in it.
Most human beings are born with a nerve system that could be in a situation which is hard, stigmatizing and heartless – and not be hurt, while those who are born with a sensitive nerve system – are being burned heavily.
The more the society is a herd like society, so would the stigmas be more dominant. If the society would not have been so herd-like and anti-spiritual, the H.S.P. would not suffer from such powerful psychological disturbances.
Only a small minority amongst the H.S.P. are able to sublimate and transform the hard messages from the outside by channeling them into a creative art or writing, and thus this acts as an art therapy for their injured soul life.
And a H.S.P. who succeeds to continue to write, create and compose without being broken by personal crisis – is a quite great achievement by itself.

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