The punishment of the successful rebel


A breakthrough could be a dangerous affair for a radical writer -that which he attacks must attack him back, as wrote Isaac Newton:

What for him is a very longed for recognition could be a boomerang, hit him back straight in the head.
The destiny of successful radical writers is much worse than the one who remain unknown.
That which he is going against the breakthrough is an entity, and as an entity it would not bare the success of those which antagonize her. And is going out to demolish the successful rebel.
Now to explain; if and when the radical is 180 degree turn happens gradually and slowly, no counter reaction would happen. Only when it is a revolutionary act that happens suddenly against a long opposing past, only when and sudden redemption happens to him, only then, the antithesis is bursting into action, and in direct relation to the sharp turn of the breakthrough.
We are made for slow progression not for sudden breakthrough.
Now how does it work? Well, there are forces which live in a kind of social cloud-force that could not allow a sudden breakthrough without a counter response, for it must keep balance, and when a balance is interfered by an individual – the forces (from the cloud-force) go to restore the balance by attacking what is now out of balance.
Each organization, establishment, or a society has a kind of a force-cloud, the greater is the group, religion, nation, or society – the more powerful would be the forces in the corresponding ‘cloud’. For example, the ‘cloud’ of the Catholic religion will be much more powerful then the native Indian American religion. And human society force-cloud is huge, stretching all over the planet, includes 90% of all human beings, and thus having an incredibly powerful force-could. If you are either a conformist or develop slowly and gradually – the cloud-force will not notice you, it only notices deviations from the central frequency of the citizens of the said force-cloud.

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