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‘The Prophet Jeremiah’

One of the highest levels for a spiritual being is a prophet.

What signifies him as a prophet is the Shekinah  

The divine feminine presence above his head.     

Many prophets are mentioned in the bible, and they have got a mission, to show how deteriorated everyone is, to scold them, tell them off and call them back to live in accordance to the high (God). No one likes to be told off by a prophet, but this is his mission, for which he is not being thanked for to say the least.

But being a prophet is not just a biblical ungrateful high mission, you could become a prophet even in our days. 

And if the prophet decides to be a spiritual teacher – his students would not last. And they leave not with gratitude but with accumulated antagonism.

People come to him being stuck in their spiritual-personal journey, and their life, coming for advice, consultation and method about how to be released from being stuck and move up and above. First he is reassuring them that personally they are ok, but at the same time he is showing them in what kind of a world they live in, he is facing them with reality and is constantly waking them up to it (and of course to their higher possibilities). And this reality is not nice as an understatement, He is striping mask after mask, deception after deception, one injustice after another, one discrimination after another, one alienation after another, one meaningless conversation after another, exposing the taking advantage of the weak, taking advantage of the sensitive and the delicate. Getting to know how deeply sunk everything on a human level is around them – this is not the kind of world they should live in. But funnily enough they would prefer feeling that something is wrong with them rather than know that they are living in such a dark world…

The greatest problem for his spiritual seeker is that the prophet’s teaching is shattering most of their illusions. We are being fed by society at large and that we are feeding ourselves; these illusions are saying that basically most is ok, society is advancing in everything. Basically our situation is not so bad, and as we (as society and as individuals) learn and do efforts to improve – our life is on the way to get better. We are convinced that humanity in general and our life in particular – are on the right track, and are improving all the time. And the prophet, being a prophet, attacks this way of thinking. 

The darkness of the unknown is presented every once in a while by rebellious radical, critical thinkers (Existentialists by most). And as far as those voices are concerned – they are modified, silenced and the sharp edges are being removed by academic and expert authorities.  Even voices such as Friedrich Nietzsche (“One must shed the bad taste of wanting to agree with many. Whatever can be common always has little value. In the end it must be as it is and always has been: great things remain for the great, abysses for the profound, nuances and shudders for the refined, and, in brief, all that is rare for the rare”).  Albert Camus about the absurd, Soren Kierkegaard about angst (anxiety). Martin Heidegger about being divorced from the being of things, and ‘being towards death’. And Plato in his allegory of the cave fable. 

 And this modifications and the under estimation of the revolutionary critical message in their works – are being done all the time to most critical and revolutionary works, but this cannot be done with the prophet’s works, his protest is so clear and undeniable, that the only way is to abandon him and his works. People cannot realize that the way to truth is exactly leading through this dark, hidden view of reality, by jumping into it, realizing the truth of it and through it to reach the other shore. (Just 2 examples for the dark side: the tribble way the highly sensitive persons and young attractive women (and women at large) are being treated and abused).

The way the prophets puts his words together – could not be manipulated, polished, dismissed or ignored, for each sentence is so powerful, clear and sharp – that one must face it, and then the only options the reader or the student or the listener has, is to remove himself from the prophet, because he could not face the world-picture the prophet is painting. For he is taking it personally. 

If you want to reach the light you have to go through the dark side. Dive into the darkness, get lost in it, and only in it is the magic reversal in it – you would reach the other side which is the side of magic land and of higher consciousness. 

And the prophet speaks the language of reality, which is dark and has been dark and stuck for ages. Ignoring the dark side of human life will get them to continue to remain stuck in the same one way street forever. Only admitting to the dark side of humanity, facing it and moving through it and by it – is the only way to be redeemed from the stuck situation of humanity in general and of individuals in particular.

No one likes prophets, they are hated by all who listen to them. Because their vision is like an M.R.I. they see what others ignore. And what they discover to others causes great uncomfortability in them. For the majority only sees what does not cause them an emotional dissonance, and the prophets’ penetrating vision allows unpleasant truth to surface which makes him to become immensely unpopular. 

Learning from him has got an accumulative effect, after a while, life becomes unbearable, no one is passing the abyss.

The prophet is an enemy of those who could not do a kind of quantum leap, from their status quo to a higher level. It is a frightening jump, a jump through the unknown.

They don’t do jumps, just step by step advancements, they cannot face the abys before each jump. 

The prophet as a spiritual teacher only teaches by reversals, and turning things and ways of thinking – upside down. And to be able to do it you have first to jump into the unknown and then to travel through it, this is your traveling road, very insecure, how can you trust the dark abyss that through it and after it you are going to find yourself on another level in another dimension? Who is capable of living a life of advancement and inner growth by making jumps into the unknown in order to land in the magical land of higher consciousness?

If you are to learn or advance by jumping into the unknown you live in constant uncertainty and insecurity. You have to give up the certainty of what you know.

They fear that the price for the possibility of jumping into the dark of the unknown is getting crushed or lost in the abyss, or both – and this is too much for them. 

And we are brought up and conditioned heavily not to approach life through the unknown; through confusion, paradoxes, and all which is outside the narrow strip of our comprehension and logical learning. 

But the prophet washes away all those conditioning by saying that what you have been taught is good for the narrow strip of what is already known, but if you wish to reach the truth and wisdom and a higher level of existence – you must live in accordance and in relation to the great unknown, and only if you let yourself use the unknown as a bridge to higher understandings – you will not remain stuck in the ordinary and the average. 

The very few who did work with the abyss, with the unknown   -are already in magic land, they are young prophets to be, but their land is already a prophet land. They are young in it, baby prophets still… but if now they can work with the unknown they can reach the prophet land themselves and make it their homeland. But most seekers with a prophet as their teacher – run away from the abyss without turning their head back. 

If he is part of a family he will be eventually rejected. Even them could not live with such high criteria so intimately which cause them even to develop a kind of elegy against him.

Being a prophet is not a high status position like a Guru in Sanskrit and Lama in Tibetan Buddhism. Both get followers who practice self-cancelation. This is not happening with the prophet, the one common feature to all of them all is great humbleness, despite their high level they never take advantage of their level to have control and usage of their followers.  

A comment: one of the main streams of the Kabala: (Jewish mysticism) is established by Abraham Abulafia and is called “prophetic kabbalah” – it is aimed at producing a state of mystical state wherein the boundaries separating the self from God are overcome.

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