The mystery of human existence



The mystery of human existence is undeciphered.

Each generation attacks the mystery full of enthusiasm and inspiration as if it were a first attempt, as if there were not many generations before them who did this.

Much has been written about the enigma of human existence by personalities from different backgrounds – playwrights, poets, writers, philosophers, intellectuals and religious people – have written and created in an onslaught on the enigma of human existence, but for the current generation it is as if the issue is only now receiving real and full attention.

Science is coming, entire universities are investigating the riddle, and fields are being created: psychology, sociology, anthropology and indeed providing additional angles but the mystery is not solved.

The big questions remain open: why are we here, what is behind the very existence of this life, why nature? What created the wondrous complexity of nature and life? Love? Loneliness? Aggression and wars?

We also go to our enigmatic death and the mystery of human existence remains.

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