The magic of the old days – a poem


What ever happened to the old magic spell that took us all to a magical mystery tour?

And we were butterflies in the Garden of Eden.

Dancing completely drunk like there is no tomorrow,

Danced out of our senses.

The magic – seemed to be forever.

It was a great celebration.

But we licked the milk-cream,

yes we consumed it all like crazy,

Never had enough.

Looked down at ordinary people,

Neglected the basics of life

(For we were drunk, you see).

And time passes by, as it always does.

And now? Where is the magic?

Where is our life?

Well, the magic evaporated into the thin air.

Nothing is left at all.

We are much older, Poorer, lost, lonely, not steady;

Everything is still loose;

A feather in the air.

Nothing solid.

We sacrificed all to the king of the old magic.

And now found refuge in alternative, holistic,

Popular, commercial – spiritual life.

This is all which is left from the old magic;

The current spiritual pockets.

We remain faithful to it: But there is nothing more sour and rotten then magic that is empty now of all magic.


Gabriel raam –

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