The lost child


Mom in frantic search for her lost daughter – Daily Worthing

Every grownup has a lost child in him.

And every child is lost.

It is impossible to be a child without being confused without making mistakes, without doing it wrong, without being lost.

This is the true experience of being a child, but we forget him and what it was like, and when we grow up we get disconnected from the lost child in us, which is the real us.

We do not remember that deep in us there is a little lost child, and he is the real our self.

Mostly, we are being harsh, hard and demanding with him, forgetting that he is only a helpless little creature, a lost child, yearning for love.

And if we would remember in our dealings with each other that in the other there is a lost child right now, and that this lost child is the real him – we would have more human warmth towards this other.


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