The function of cosmic waves in inner work.


What is the reason of the appearance of reviving movements, (usually) within a stagnant system?
Be it several great awakenings in the Christian religion, or the Hasidic movement in Judaism, or Sufism in IslamZen in Buddhism, or even the abstract school of art or impressionist school of art – in drawing. the existential influence in philosophy,  rebels and bitniks of the 50th and hippies of the 60th, the French student revolution of 68′the age of enlighten in the 17-19 centuries. and the new age influence.

In modern culture; Many western esoteric traditions and elements of modern spirituality and mysticism were attempting to revive existing religions and existing spiritual traditions: such as GnosticismTranscendentalismTheosophy, the Fourth Way,[64] and Neo-Paganism. Modern western spiritually and transpersonal psychology combine western psycho-therapeutic practices with religious practices like meditation to attain a lasting transformation. Nature mysticism is an intense experience of unification with nature or the cosmic totality, which was popular with Romantic writers.[65] (Wikipedia)

It is important to understand, that without outside help – we worth nothing, can do nothing. We work on ‘Batteries’, and until we connect to ‘electric current’- the result of our endeavor will be in vain. Alone we are not worth much. We are like puppet without strings.

This phenomenon of revival began one day, almost out of nowhere, very powerfully, and then after a while, they weaken. They are an emerging as powerful force, but if it doesn’t get an added human developed force – then the new influence Became a white elephant, a shrine or museum for the fresh spirit which once was blowing strong through them.

We live like in a bubble, we see that everything originates in the bubble and happens only in it, because of internal unknown, unconscious processes about which we have no idea.

We put upon them symptomatic labels. And it is enough for us. It doesn’t cross our minds that those phenomena might come from somewhere, and that it has a reason for appearing here. It doesn’t cross our mind that it might arrive actually from outside, like waves in the sea; every once in a while we are ‘washes’ by waves of influences, I know it sound crazy. But if we take the Jewish Hasidic movement, it was established about 250 years ago by  Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer, the Baal Shem Tov, there is no explanation why it suddenly bursted out of him, and inspired a lineage of great rabies, on top of which is the holy figure of the: the Tsaddik, this is a  most important term in Hasidic terminology, the Tsaddik’s had incredible influence upon their followers.  The Hassidic Tsaddik (a spiritually

 Woken up being) has revived the rigid conservatives Judaism and was a rebel to it. Presenting a new knowledge and a new fresh spirit, and many paradoxical answers of the rabbi to his followers, carry this spirit, here one can feel the rebellion spirit of the Zen.

Here are some of it:

Everything in this world can be imitated except for the truth.
Because an artificial, counterfeit truth is not the truth at all.
— Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk

The mind changes directions like the flight of a bird, and it takes a great deal of strength and wisdom to hunt that bird down.
— Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav

People are very careful not to swallow an insect, but they are not careful about devouring a person.
— Rabbi Barch of Medzibuz

One who lets out even a quiet sigh that does not come from the depths of the heart has committed fraud.
— Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk

All of the desires of this world are like rays of light.
You try to catch them in your hand only to find there is nothing in your grasp.— Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav

“Seven times the righteous person stumbles and yet he rises again.” (Mishlei 24:16)
It is important for a righteous person to fall down seven times, because after each fall, the righteous person discovers some sparks of insight on the way up.
— Rabbi Dov Ber of Mezritch

This is how one must rule over one’s moral qualities:
To learn how to be proud — and not be proud.
To learn how to be angry — and not be angry.
To learn how to speak — and to remain quiet.
To learn how to be quiet — and to speak.
— Rabbi Dov Ber of Mezritch (This one appeared in the past,

It is written (Mishlei 27:19): “As a face reflects its face in water, so does one’s heart to another.”
Why in water? Why not in a mirror? Because to see one’s own face in the water, one has to bend down (a sign of humility). Not so with a mirror. With a mirror, one can remain upright and erect (symbolic of arrogance).
– Rabbi Simcha Bunam of Pshis’cha

G-d hides so that we will seek.
– Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav

When people grow tall [in spirit], they do no harm to their fellows. But when they grow wide [with ego] – they butt up against their neighbors.

 “There is nothing which does not have its place.”

 (Pirkei Avot 4:3)

If that is so, then everyone has a place as well. So why does it often seem that our space is so limited?
Because everyone is scrambling to take someone else’s spot.
— Rabbi Avraham Yaakov of Sadigora

“They stood crowded together, yet they bow comfortably.” (Pirkei Avot 5:5)

When they stand haughtily, with their backs erect — it seems crowded. Yet when they bow humbly — it becomes spacious.
— Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk

Our Sages teach us to judge everyone favorably.

Pirkei Avot 1:6


So, every once in a while we get waves of help, we are not forgotten. Supplies of new fresh energies – together with knowledges and inelegances – are being delivered. Almost in every era there is some new transmission, and at such times, only the few, the rare and special – can receive the transmissions and even fewer can rise to a level of consciousness that can present a landing platform for it. And not only that, but to be able to translate It to a language that people on a lower level of consciousness can understand.

In fact every human creator is quiet helpless without outside help. We are Samson, our consciousness hair is the antenna. After all, we were made first and foremost to be a radio transmitter, long wave, short wave, anything goes. Just that we are generally not in tuned with our radio receiver-transmitor. But in any case, not everyone receives transmission… Those who do, are either crazy (low level, generally) or are talented, having what it takes to receive, to notice, to give it expression and hopefully get a reaction. They are special, unique, born with a spark.
And not like those who do not wait for the transmission (the majority), the special minority are dependent upon the wash, on the wave of inspiration, until then, and until they create out of it a creative dialogue, his life is not a life.
It is true, our pride does not allow us to admit our deep dependence upon unknown external forces.

But mostly after the arrival of those waves – for the masses it receive the look of fashion (like the new age) and then indeed many are exposed to it, but without the message.

But new influences keep on coming, in the hope, that a group of them would catch it up.

And not only that such waves are washing us, there are also some humans, very special, they were born like this, made for this, they are highly special, this is their mission, to be in reception to the current wave. Sometimes they fail, sometimes they succseed. Succseed in being in reception and maybe also in transforming those influences.

We are helpless by ourselves. Everyone needs help. Without outside help – we worth nothing, like Archimedes, he could not move the plant from itself, it needs outside help.

In fact the function of our body is not like Autarky farming which supplies all its needs, without outside help and support -we would not be able to make it. We are held and supported by the forces of the universe, like a marionette. Held from above, for the sake of our higher systems. Our lower systems are already supported by the planet (like she does with all organic life). But we are half split by the higher and half by the lower, thus we need to be complimented by what we are missing, and what we are missing the most is higher guideless, without higher current gaudiness we are completely lost. we are not a rock, we are not an island.

We are abandoned, deserted, on the desert island of this plant, bombarded by tones of cosmic forces to guide us, but we lack the consciousness mechanism to receive the transmissions and make sense of them.

It is not as though they are not coming, they do, it is our receiving-transmitting radio sets which are not intuned.

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