The floor and the ceiling 

Aim for High Ceilings and Low Floors

In people who are on the path of self-development, or spiritual quest, or search after truth  – there are two parts; there is the part which is giving them trouble, this part they hide from themselves, but there is  another part which they consider to be ‘higher’ or the part which ‘loves the truth’.

Well, loving truth has got a very high profile and very good public relations amongst searchers for truth. And it‘s nice to love the truth. And with it they bath in the limelight of themselves and feel good in that. 

If a person wants to develop, there is the ceiling and there is the floor. The ceiling is the inspiration, the ceiling is loving truth. The floor is the part of us that we don’t feel good about, hide, repress, and are not proud of. 

 The ‘lower you’ is what lets you down.

There is the tendency in people on the path for enlightenment to work and concentrate on their higher parts in order to get higher, while their lower parts remains behind, unattended.  

Many people who love truth – read more and more books about truth and spirituality, and they meet more and more people with whom they share their spiritual path. So their ceiling gets much attention. But the floor is not getting any. And in the absence of attention It‘s getting lower and lower.

For things do not stay in one place. If we do not deal with something, it gets worse. For example the state of our muscles; if we don’t do physical training it gets weaker. That‘s what happens with the floor.

And the danger is, to have a disconnection between the floor and the ceiling. And it happens when the person looks at the floor and says: “This is not me”. “The real and the only me is the person who loves the truth and is in a process of personal development “

It is easy to ignore the lower part, and choose to identify with the higher part. And here is another point (which is difficult to agree with); the real us is the floor! It‘s not the ceiling! The real me, is the level below which we would not fall. That‘s the real self. The higher self is usually not fixed in the typical searcher, in a spiritual journey one needs to make his floor solid, and permanent, a floor that could be trusted not to melt and let the person fall through it.

For example, being hurt by someone; a solid floor is to be able to be hurt without being crushed (personally, or emotionally, involved).

And then, when one has got a comparatively, solid floor, then can he approach truth (or developing a higher self), when the gap between the floor and the ceiling is as minimal as possible, only then the searcher is healthy enough to approach the higher levels of human possibility.

Another example is the room in which one lives in; if we want to have a good or high atmosphere, we can do one of two things: we can either go and get candles, bells, and sacred music (and play it in the room). Or we can simply wash the floor. When the floor is being washed and we clean all the areas which are out of sight but have got dirt in it – then the atmosphere gets finer. Dirt transmits a vibrancy of low energy and it does not allow high energy to exist.

With it, one needs to differentiate between dirt and pollution: dirt is only something that is not clean. There is nothing wrong with dirt. Animals, pigs, cows live in dirt and everything is ok. The problem is when dirt is meeting high atmosphere, or a room where lots of meditation is done it, then there is a pollution. Pollution is when a low thing is getting into a high presence.

If one you gets dirt in a wound which filters in, or into the blood stream, then we get an infection. There is no problem to have dirt on the skin. The skin can have dirt on it and there is no infection, but not the blood (for the blood is in higher, in a finer state then the skin. When one has a dirty room and he wants to have high atmosphere, he needs to clean the room thoroughly. And when he cleans the room thoroughly, with water and cleaning liquid, brush all the corners, and open the windows for fresh air, then there will be high atmosphere!

High atmosphere is everywhere. It‘s ‘dying to come in’… It can‘t because ‘high force can ‘not live in a dust bean’.  If we want to create high atmosphere it is not enough just to do meditation.

Also what is quite common amongst searchers is to concentrate on positive thoughts, but if one’s emotions are getting polluted by being hurt by someone, well the lower: the emotions, are what gives the tone. 

The truth of the matter is that there is no shortage in truth or inspiring staff, it is all over, in many inspiring books, for example, what is missing is a shortage in people that work hard on themselves to raise up their floor. If one only goes on by being inspired by truth, and is not dealing with what is low in him, like personal involvement, then not much progress will happen. Development is to take the lower and to bring it as close as possible to the level of the higher.

The problem with people in many religions is that they think too much about angels and God, and they do almost nothing, or very little, about them being hurt and thus, their polluted, emotions.

You can’t go higher if your lower is left too far behind. 

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