The existential approach to death – a poem.


There are those who ignore and repress death,

Those who use it as a crane for appreciating life,

(‘Live every day as it is the last’).

But death is the final verdict.

After the end of one’s life – there is no room for morning,

(As now it is already a ‘spilled milk’).

But as long as we are alive we should be in mourning –

In readiness full of grief – about all which was created and built by him –

And it is destined to get destroyed and disappear forever.

We should live in conscious readiness for the worst; the ending of it.

Otherwise we would indeed have a life, but it would be hypocritical,

Lacking in personal authentic accountability,

A ghost hovering above clouds of illusions.

It is not the beginning that decides,

And not the compression between the ups and downs of our lives,

But what decides by large is where does it lead to?

To where does it develop?

How does it end?

This is the major weight.


Heidegger on: Being-towards-death:…/5CF034365109AF8C76EB420EDA5……/jul/13/heidegger-being-time

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