The energy sources in our past and future


Our period is characterized by the search for natural energy sources.
In excluding solar energy, there are still energy reservoirs deep in the earth; oil, coal, gas etic.
In fact, the bowels of the earth is our past; different organic matters were covered by layers of earth, as time went by.
When digging the earth in order to discover energy storages, we are trying to penetrate to the past of the plant (and indeed archology that digs into the earth is specializing in discovering the past).
And also with us, in our life, it is like that; enormous layers of energy are buried in our past, in our past as society, as a nation, as a family, as individuals. Much energy is imprisoned in our past.
The problem is that our past is presented to us as a time from which to escape. The past that was, so to speak, full of mistakes etic. (But now we learned better…) Individually, we look for what is causing us problems now – in our childhood, especially, in our parents. People who deal in what happened to them in their past, could get remarks that shows them that it is a waste of time, from this aspect, nostalgia is allowed for the aged, that no bright future is awaiting them.
We are a culture that sanctifies the present and is divorced from the past. We view the past of humanity as primitive, backwards, full of illnesses (the ‘dark’ middle ages), and that us, in this age of enlightenment and science, are moving away from.
We are being told that we are moving to an age where ignorance in many fields, is behind us now.
The child is a great reservoir of raw energy, and at the age around 6 he meets many forbidden conditioning, and then most of this tremendous energy is being held in, and so it is being ‘stuck’ in him.
We should set free this child who is imprisoned in our past. He lives there in the continuation of the axis of time, in a dimension hidden from our consciousness.
We should come to him with love and acceptance and take him with us to the present, where life is happening and changing now.
This reunion with this child living in our past, is stocking us up with this stuck energy that now could move us powerfully towards our future.
Often we go in circles in our present, lacking the energy to break out and move forward and away.
And what about the future?
Well, like the past, it is along the axis that continues into a dimension which is outside our state of consciousness. And it is also full of energy, and is also unused, for we move towards it – mindless, letting the happenings of now (insult, a gain, loss, conflict) to ‘still’ our attention. We hardly project our consciousness towards what might happen.
And if towards the child, which is in us, we need to be arachnologists and to free him from the imprisoning social stigmas – for the future we need to be prophets, visionaries, we should fall in love with what we are going to be.
The fact of the relation to the self that we will be – can free it from its formless shape and give it body and form, and in that to actualize its great energy so it will flow and revitalize us.
All this is read as a science fiction, but it happens already, each time a person succeeds in losing weight, he succeeds because he falls in love in his shaped and thin figure that awaits him to join it. The same with studying to be a doctor (M.D.), if the student is not madly in love and glued to his image as a doctor, he will not have enough energy to finish his studies.
The whole world in general, and human beings in particular, are suffering from a serious energy crisis. But we have much potential energy in our past and future, and they could be actualized with the power of love; love to the deserted child stuck in our past, and love to the developed, mature self that we would become.

Creating contact with the self that we were and the self that we will be, through the self that we are now – will supply us with energy to be what we could and should, be.
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