The difference between Newtonian and quantic – laws.


One of the central problems in understanding our inner life – the soul’s life -is that we put upon them the laws of external life. Most of the study and research generally, is of what could be measured or explain by logic, which falls within the realms of external phenomenon.
The soul life usually gets a relation through one theory or another, but underneath it is being treated as something that one imagens or convince himself about it, or the story that he tells himself, etic.
The reason for that is that our soul life is a foreign universe to most of us. We do not speak and do not understand the language of the soul. If we talk to her at all is done in a language foreign to her; a language of the applicable laws in mechanical and measured world, not the unmeasured, dynamic world of the soul.
Here there is a need to understand what is meant by ‘soul life’; usually we understand the soul as containing in itself: the psychology, personality, character etic.
But there is a difference between the psychology of the individual and his soul state. The writer of this article means by the word: psychology: initial personality (ego) which influenced by external conditioning, public opinion, and copied behavior. However the soul exists in a different dimension in us. And doesn’t have characteristics that could be reached to by logic. She is a kind a foreign entity that at the same time is also the essence and the inner nucleus of our being.
And now back to the differences between the laws of the external world and those of the internal world. One of the main factors in the understanding of the differences between soul life, from one end, and the external life (which are captured by the senses and logic) – is in the issue of continuity; the external worlds are happening in a gradual continuous way; a car could not start to move at 100 kilometers per hour, it needs to start at zero and gradually it increases it speed until it reaches 100, there is no jump, a phenomenon which does happen in the world of the soul; The world of the soul does not work on continuity; either you are at point A or you are at point B.
One of the more continues things in the mechanical, measured and external – is time. Time moves from past to future through the present, it does not happen that a man suddenly finds himself two days ahead, if he wants to get there he will have to wait for time to move on. But in the worlds of the soul it does happen; a person can move from a state of despair to a state of elevation (as it is being described, at length in the book: The variety of religious experience”, by William James) – at once and suddenly. It is as though you moved from universe to a universe; once you are here and once you are not.
The soul needs a different language. An attempt to understand a soul phenomenon with scientific and rational tools – would be to divert the unconceivable and unseen worlds of the soul to the laws of the visible worlds, and it could be like ‘putting God in a test tube’, which means to ‘fold’ and ‘squeeze’ the unknown and to compress it to fit our limited measuring tools, instead of learning a new language, a language of the worlds which do not fall into the limited standards of our rationality.
What is being written about are two kinds of physics; the Newtonian and the quantic. In quantum physics.
In quantum physics, a quantum jump is the changing of the electron, from one quantic state to another, in the atom. It looks non continuous; the electron ‘jumps’ from one energetic level to another, in great speed.
This phenomenon contradicts classic theories of traditional physics that expects from the level of energy to be continuous.
In the professional vocabulary the term: a quantum leap, is described as a sudden change, this is contrary to the gradual change which takes time in the atomic world..
How does it work actually? How the quantum leap does happens in the dimension of the soul?
The first place in which it is possible to see the phenomenon of a jump is in pregnancy; till the 20th month the embryo is like a plant, without movement and suddenly something happens and he starts to move, suddenly there is energy. It could be said that the soul is suddenly activated. At death an opposite phenomenon happens; all of a sudden the energy leaves the body, it is not gradual, one moment there is energy, and one moment there isn’t.
The difference between the soul level and the body level is in the subatomic level.
The body is made from atoms, the soul is made by subatomic particles.
An atom cannot leave the body, whereas subatomic particles can go through the body and through space (in the same way that television and radio transmitions are passing through walls and distances.
The passage from world to world, from atmosphere to atmosphere and from dimension to dimension – could only happen in the subatomic level, energies in their most pure and initial state are transferable.
Everything which is not subatomic (and does not obey subatomic laws) cannot pass from level to level, from place to place (it is limited by space, time and matter). There are a kind of filters from place to place, time to time, body to body, and only particles in their most refined form, can pass from level to level. And all that lives in the worlds of matter could not pass. The quantum transference is being done by the Tuning fork printable, the musical fork.
A short explanation:
A tuning fork is a two-pronged steel device used by musicians, which vibrates when struck to give a note of specific pitch.
Let’s suppose that two tuning forks with two resonance boxes are laid on the table, both the tuning forks are put in the same frequency of Hz256. With the aid of a rubber hummer one of the forks is being hit which makes its edged quiver in its natural vibration: Hz256. If we hold the edges of the fork – this stops it’s quivering, but we continue to hear the vibrations, but this time it is from the other fork that was not hit at all…
The first fork (which got hit) is as though ‘forcing’ the other fork to vibrate as well… this is providing that they are on the same frequency of A for example.

Subatomic particles on the same level, communicate with one another, and if there is a change in one soul, there is a change in the other soul, for all souls are on the same frequency.
Many scientific discoveries happen at the same time; the law of conservation, was discovered by 4 scientists at the same time at 1842. 5 different people invented the Steamship completely independently. 6 different people invented the thermometer without knowing about the others. 9 people claimed that they were first to invent the telescope. Sun spots were discovered by 4 scientists at the same time, including Galileo in the year 1611. The typing Machin was invented in the U.S.A. and in the U.K. by several people at the same time. Alexander Grarham Bell and Elisha Gray were involved in the invention of the telephone at the same time.
What is the explanation for this? It is difficult to know, maybe one of them discovered or invented something and the others were on the same frequency –got connected to the same invention?
Energies, from a certain level onwards, do not pass from place to place mechanically, or by a communication device, they work on frequencies.
On the energetic level all which on a certain level echoes what is on that level, even if it is not at the same place.
The non-subatomic particle cannot pass the filters of: matter (body), time and place (space). In the non-subatomic worlds the dimensions of time, space and body – are chaining us to here and now.
At this point the burning question would be: how to move to live in the subatomic dimension? How to move from a life in the intellectual, psychological, social, which are enslaved to time, body and place – to a connection to the soul?
First of all one needs to understand that most people are putting their center of gravity in the seen, known, worlds and are not connected to their soul. In this situation the person becomes a prison to the soul part in him.
The central question about the soul life of the person is: what is more charged in him, the atomic part or the subatomic part? And how do you ‘charge’ the subatomic part, the soul.
Well, the person needs to begin work on himself, to put there some order. A process the in its end of it the center of gravity will pass from the psychological-social world to the soul’s self. And this is done by reducing the power of social conditioning – from one hand, and of the identification with the personal element –from the other hand. As writes the quantum physicist Amit Goswami: “The spectrum of self-consciousness is made from situations and forms with which the consciousness identifies during the various stages of human evolution. In the lower end of the spectrum it is personal consciousness, at the higher stage by collective subconscious… the more we develop, so we are losing our ego, until in the higher stage there is no clear identification with the ego”.
In other words, the internal universe (which I call: soul) is supposed to be egoless, or at least without personal identification with it, while the ego (or the personal identification with him) is what characterizes the social-psychological self.
The more a person is aware of what is happening in him – so he will shift the center of gravity from the physical world to the quantum world, until the subatomic particle will be so charged, that at a certain stage the man does a jump and starts to live in the subatomic part.
If the subatomic part will be charger then the atomic, the person will go through a transformation.
But there a danger here; because when a person begins to charge the subatomic particles, but at the same time allows himself to give too much emphasis to what people think of him, to public opinion, to identification, to taking things in a personal way, or to let his emotions to overflow – an explosion happens; there is mixing of the subatomic particles with physical parts of his emotions, and this creates a kind of shortcut, which it’s end with a big collapse, falling down from a high state, open and free – to the imprisoned soul, in which the person is being ‘cooked’ in his negative emotions (in radioactive heat…).
The main point in the transference to the subatomic worlds is one word: cleanliness, the moment a person starts to charge the subatomic level, he needs to keep on sterile conditions of his emotions. He should not allow the subatomic level to get a leak from the emotions. The moment it happens, because the two energies cannot live together, it creates a kind of infection.
The emotions belong to the seen world and they obey to classic physical rules. (Despite them being an energy, but a crud energy).
The mixing between emotions and the subatomic dimension creates a dissonance, and exactly because the closeness of the emotions to the soul – a frequency dissonance is being created, which leads to a collapse (that could be called: personal involvement).
If you take the 8 musical notes in an octave and play 2 notes which are far away from each other (at the tends of the scale) – you don’t get a dissonance, it happens between two notes which are near each other, (like fa an ci).
And what is the meaning of the analogy? If you take something very physical and mix it with something from the subatomic world – there would be no dissonance. But if you take the emotions which are close to the subatomic world (because both are energies) and mix them – you get a dissonance.
And now to another analogy, from chemistry; it is like taking two elements that their combination creates an explosion.
Here it should be explained that: dissonance, collapse or explosion – are borrowed term in order to explain what happens to a person who has passed part of his ‘atomic’ center of gravity to the world of the soul, but allows himself an identification with the social personal aspect.
The higher one goes in a level and especially when reaching the subatomic level of the soul – cleanliness and separation are important. You can mix the emotions with the world of the soul, providing the emotions are clean, from one hand, from the personal aspect, on the other hand – from high volume, heat and speed, in the emotions.
And if to put it in one sentence; the greatest separation shouldn’t be between the physical world and the subatomic world, but between the emotional world and the subatomic world.
And now to the differences between the subatomic world and the atomic world – in relation to time. Well because the quantum world is governed by less laws then the physical world (to which the ego and social conditioning – belong) – so it has more possibilities and more freedom. For example: It is limited less by the dimension of time; in the subatomic world a man can be in the future, the past and the present – at the very same time.
The more a greater part of the center of gravity of a man is in the seen, known world – the more he is enslaved to space, time and the body.
And back to the dimension of time; a person based in the hidden world does not live only in the present and fantasizes about future and the past – but the three states of time are one complete and dynamic flow for him. He lives in all the three as one flow. This means that his being and consciousness are still living in happenings of the past and at the same time he is in what is about to happen. The separation between the three does not exist in the worlds of the soul.
And now a question could be asked; how does a person that his center of gravity is in the subatomic world – can live and function in the regular, outer, world?
Well, he must function in the atomic world (that obey to the laws of time, place and the ego), and at the same time be loyal to the soul world. In order to be able to do that, he needs to live in one world (soul) and function in the other (atomic), he should not see the outer and seen world as something that disturbs the unseen world; on the contrary, the quantum world cannot grow and function without the seen world – it could only do that through the seen side, otherwise it is imprisoned and chained. It is like words; they limit our ability to describe what happens in us but they are the only means that allows it.
Like the duality in relation to words, without the atomic world, the subatomic world would be impotent.

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