Photo -analysis: of Ancient Egyptian statues depicting Kaaper the chief lector priest.


תמונה יכולה לכלול: ‏‏אדם אחד‏, ‏‏לעמוד‏‏‏

The picture being analyzed by bodylanguage

Part 1:

First of all there is no striking resemblance between the head and the body; the face is very Soren, very peaceful, very still. With a faint ‘Mona Lisa’ smile, of being in an elevated state. 

His body is in a stance of going to war; one foot forward – Marching ahead, the spear is in his hand being put forward, his right hand is clenched into a soft fist.

What is below the neck is the maintenance and protection system for the higher system above the neck; which is the consciousness system. And the higher and purer is the higher system, the more fierce and ready, to defend, must be the lower system. This is also the combination of the Zen Samurai, who combined holiness and of being a warrior, that came to defend their sacred state. 

Part 2:

So far about the natural, now about the supernatural; there are sharp cuts on and through the head of the priest, these are curious, all of them appear on the head, except one small cut below the eye. 

Now at ancient times the Egyptians believed that a certain level of consciousness development can actually alter the shape of the head (by softening the bones of the skull),

Joe Szostak Evidence: Accompanying each photo/image I reference its  specific location inside my books along with some backgroun… | Archeologie,  Afbeeldingen, Egypte

(One of the explanations for their long hats is to wear them on their head developments).

It was said that after many years, this degenerated, and gave way to operation done artificially to remove the upper part of the head. And possibly these are the cuts we see here. 


Trephinations la) Round trephination, Jericho, Qaranthal lb) Angular... |  Download Scientific Diagram
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