People are happy.


People are happy.
They have a good life.
Of course no one minds an improvement here and there, but the life they have is the life they want.

Spiritually inclined, or religious people, look down at them, as though they are on the wrong track, (It gives a good feeling to them to see the majority as being on the wrong track) – missing the longing for the heights.

But this problem (of being on the wrong route) is not their problem, not the problem of the majority.
For they are on the right track for them, their life is full.
They never asked for a spiritual or religious alternative, for simply they don’t need it.
It is us, the searchers after truth, who are on exile this life, they are in their homeland.

With it, the truth is that they live upside down to truth, while we try to live & walk upright amongst them.

And societies’ norms – being so dominant and ruling (mostly informally and in subtext), gives us the feeling that we are the ones who walk upside down.

And so we alternate between judging the herd mentality, and feeling guilty for not being like the majority.




Gabriel Raam

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