Opinions, everyone has opinions, people are very dedicated to their own opinions. Being it Political ecological, about specific foods, specific people, book, movies, dogs or cats, type of music, the weather, genetic vs environment, abortion – yes or no, and more. All this is still ok, but the point about them is not having a certain opinion or its opposite, but the furry, the passion and the totality with which we defend our opinions.
People feel so self-righteous about their own opinion, until someone that has an opposite opinion becomes almost an enemy.
Now, what is intriguing in this is: why, why people have opinions at all, why are they so subjective? Second is why is there such a total dedication to it, and third, why anyone who doesn’t hold your opinion is an enemy? How come opinions became to be so dominant players in our mind and communication?
What make the opinion to become such poisonous mental factor that people might breaks long friendships? Or break into a bitter argument with a person they just met?

The reason being that we are so personal about them, but why are we so personal about them at all?

Well we are so personal about our opinions because – to begin with, we are so personal about everything, and so everything forces us to have a stand of for or against it, acordoning to how it makes us feel;  good or bad, and then: for or against; good opinion or a bad one.

This is the reason why we take everything, and i mean everything, so personally. For us the world is divided to things that confirm the way we are and things that don’t, and if it confirms us, it makes us feel good and then we have a good opinion of it.  Things don’t exist for themselves, in our infantile mind and ego – everything is to do with us, only us.

But how about being neutral? Not having any subjective stance towards anything? No opinions. Is it possible at all? What would our communication look like without it? Much netter, much clearer, like a road without bombers, smooth ride.

So, if opinions are out and neutrality is in, how would we see the world? Well, we would see it clearly, with no clouds, no fog, and our personal subjectivity is such a fog.
One has to be mature enough emotionally to be able to avoid adopting too many opinions, and remain in neutral zone.

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