On upgrading of the low


Something is wrong here.
Physical material (in its wide inclusive sense) is crude, rough, common, and coarse, is present by quantity, done by force and mechanized power, etc. 

Spiritual material (in its wide inclusive sense) is fine, beautiful, rare, delicate, and full of quality, done with much care. 

The higher levels in the human, has components such as: dialogue, love, creativity, inspiration, wisdom, learning, the arts etc. – all should have high investment of attention, delicacy, accuracy and fines.
And what about the physical level in our life? Well, no delicacy, no fines, it is rough, course, raw, etc. It need straining activities, such as running, gym etc.).

One example about the difference between the physical (low) and high levels (spiritual) – is the hall in a concert hall, and the field of a football match. One is more physical the other more spiritual (again, in a wide inclusive sense). Another example is two places to fix things: a garage to fix cars and the other is an office of a psychologist. Another is the atmosphere in a church-hall and a prison yard. 

The low, the physical and material – get coarse and hard treatment, whereas the high, the spiritual and the mental – get a more delicate, fine and gentle – treatment.

Now, what actually is happening in our life? Completely the opposite; let’s take food; it, being physical, should be coarse, unrefined, raw and not interfered with, by artificial additives. When we go through a supermarket we hardly find products which resemble, even faintly, the original organic material. We know that the coarser and more natural is the food – the healthier it is. But in fine restaurants it is the opposite. They have the Michelin Guides which awards up to three Michelin stars for excellence of a select few qualities of foods. In the three star restaurants and in Chef Restaurants – the food is not treated at all as the dieticians recommend us: un engineered, left in a raw state, here the upgrading and the detailed investment in the food – presents the food to us as ‘the crown jewel’… no less… they took what was supposed to be simple, basic food with basic original nutriments, to become a creative masterpiece: fine and shining (that hardly resembles the original vegetable or meat). 

The best and worst cooking shows to watch, according to chefs - Insider

We took the peasant and made a king out of him.

High standard meals are highly popular – this ‘crowing of the peasant’ is in many television programs and the chefs becoming celebrities.

But what about the other side? The higher? not the maintenance-physical level, but the evolving, growing levels in the human (consciousness, soul, creativity, spirituality, intelligence, inspiration, ability to dialogue, consideration, care towards another, longing to know and understand, love and more)? All this should be going the way chef restaurants are going: from course to fine, from raw to upgrading and more.

Close-up Of Chef Preparing Italian Pasta Meal. Concept Of Flying.. Stock  Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 94294945.

So, what is the state of things, of the higher realms in the history of the general public and population? Is it going from raw to upgrading? Or the other way around – Is it degeneration or growth?

The mind says that if with physical food we go from raw to upgrading, we should do the same in the higher department.

So, what was happening during the ages? Were the middle ages really dark? Do we degenerate in our higher departments or are we in a process of refinement and growth?

Well, let’s take the arts: Music, painting, sculpture and dance;

 If we look at paintings dating from the renaissance we can observe that the figures which are being painted – are more delicate, their dress and facial expressions are finer than those painted in the 20th  century. 

 If we look at potteries from ancient Greece or Rome they are very delicate and fine, and even more so with drawings and paintings from ancient Egypt.

And not only in sculptures and potteries paintings – also in music; if we compare today`s popular music – techno, heavy metal, house and rock – with music from the Renaissance (and even later); with music by: Monteverdi, Vivaldi, Bach, Joaquin des Prez, Buxtehude, Heinrich Schütz and many more – then difference in fines and coarseness will be evident. For example, if we could make a person from the Renaissance period listen to techno, heavy metal, house music – it will be for him like kick in the face… and even if we could let a person from 1920 listen to this music of today – it will be difficult for him to listen to it. And even if we compare music from the seventies such as: the doors, Pink Floyd and the Beatles –with music which is being danced today – we could hear the difference, for the wors.

And dresses; today is jeans and a T shirt, but dress of just 100 years ago were on a higher level:

Selling Style I: The History of Fashion Marketing Through the 19th Century  | Wilson College News | NC State University
מכנס ג'ינס בגזרה סקסית במיוחד המגיע במידה 34-36 בצבע שחור עכשיו במחיר מציאה  !

ובחורה צעירה כיום: 2020

And what about architecture?  Once there were many curves, arcs, chandeliers, vitrages. today buildings lack the beauty and artistic investments in the design of it, it is straight, angular, and functional. 

Architectural works (18th century, France)

                  Architectural work 18 century France

מגדלים במקום שיכונים | ישראל היום

A city today

Now what about spirituality (again, in the wider sense)?
It is also going the opposite direction; instead of being on the path of refinement, upgrading one’s level, using high language,
Feeling human warmth with another, giving space in communication, being neutral instead of identifying, maturing ones emotions and more – it is much more common these days, to treat each other with alienation, to be based in infantile emotions, taking things personally too often, to leave one’s essence on the same level as a kid.
So all is upside down; the food is getting higher and fine, in any aspect. While the higher departments in the human, are left in what could only be called undeveloped state: a raw state, untouched, unimproved, uninvested, lacking self-awareness, it is foggy, not tuned, narrow, shallow and restricted.  

Our higher departments are like an unvisited attic in a house; dusty, disordered, unclean, unclear, and generally – non-useful. 

So, instead of taking the low foods (in its original state, as much as possible) and perfecting it to the finest level, how about doing it with our raw being and consciousness?



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