On Trust and Faith


People say that trust is a balancing word, against the power of fear & difficult times.
When someone is being led by an inexperienced leader and he is afraid that the leadership won’t be successful, we offer him to trust the leader. Soldiers should trust their commander in battle otherwise, we are told, he cannot function as an officer.
Trust and faith, these two, are dealing with what we would like to believe.
In new age groups and various spiritual groups, there is the tendency to trust what is higher, higher forces. But either you know (by firsthand experience) that higher forces exist or not. Either it is true for you or not.
In terms of faith, we mean: “I don’t see higher powers, I don’t see angels, but by putting my trust in them- they might happen.
When people choose trust and faith, what they are really saying is that what is important is not your state, or the possible future, but what you convince yourself of it. This is generally thought of that: it is all in our head; it is all about the stories we tell our self. Tell yourself good stories and it will influence, somehow, what will happen.
If we approach any person in a difficult situation and ask, “Is trust a good thing?” 90% of the persons will say: ‘Trust is excellent, without trust you can’t live”.
It is very interesting, there was this musical called “Fiddler on the Roof (based on the novel: “Tevye the dairyman” by Shalom Aleichem) – Jews suffered all their lives from persecutions and hardship, and someone coined the term “fiddler on the roof”. Now, what does it say? The house is on fire, (we suffer persecutions) but you are standing on the roof and playing the fiddle. That is what we are talking about. Things might be bad, but you are standing there and say: ‘have trust’.
The greatest and most popular trust and faith – is in God, his mercy, his forgiveness, him answering our prayers.
With it, there is a place to put thought towards that which did not happen yet, but it should be done in order to prepare, and be prepared, towards possible bad happenings, and not to convince yourself that it will be good somehow.
But how does one prepare himself towards what has not happened yet? it is done by having a practice called: the ‘architect’ (a term coming to describe a mental projection that prepares one towards the future) preparing yourself for all possible happenings, and this is done by having various scripts about what might happen. But, people prefer trust instead of an ‘architect’ which is preparing for the happening of Murphy’s Law. This ‘law’ was coined by engineer Murphy that says: “anything that could go wrong will go wrong”.


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