On the phenomenon of ‘clicking’ -falling in love


There is a phenomenon that happens amongst fresh couples, that just unite, and for a want of a better word I call it: to ‘click’. It happens usually to couples above the age of 30, (A 2017 study published in the Journal of Family Psychology found that men who got married after the age of 30 were less likely to report depressive symptoms in mid-life). now what happens when the do ‘click’? Well they change, from dark life to the light side, from unstable to stable, from losing to wining, from being unhappy into being happy, from things that don’t work for you to things working from you, you connect to the positive, constructive side of you. In short you start to live, this accompanied by great deep mutual love. Their bond is very powerful and they enrich and empower each other no end, they live in real synergy. It is beyond the emotions, they are touched it their being level and their life becomes charmed.
It is a matter of finding the right frequency, the right complementary twine, and then both begin to bloom, and not only that, but everything they touch flourish also. Their life turn from miserable to magical, from static to dynamic, as though the bonding with the right partner connected one to his better self. For them it is magical, it shows, that without a soulmate we will remain in the dark side of the moon, only the exactly right partner for life is responsible for the switch from being lost and depressed into being found and exhilarated.
What is vital is too keep oneself open and inviting all this time until this magical reversal happens, not to close the gate. The longer one waits – the more magical will be the reversal in the life of the couple.
But it is a gamble; for if one rejects all partners that do not click, there is the possibility that he/she will not finding the complementary partner.

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