On how special people are being treated


Part one:

When we view most people, we see them mostly as they are, regular people.
But viewing unique or special people – a strange phenomenon happens; their uniqueness[1] exist on a bar with two ends, no middle, and one end is the shadow of the uniqueness part.
Now, most people are not connected to their higher end (because of personal involvement, hurt, self-doubt and self-judgment and more), and from the lower end in them – they cannot see the higher part of the unique person, only the shadow. (The shadow could also be called: his weak point).

 Now, the greater is his high state, the greater would be his weakness.
So much so, that it might cause others to judge him and even disconnect from him altogether.
People see others according to their own state of mind. And if they are in a low, negative, or closed – state of mind – they cannot see his high self. So when they view uniqueness in a person, their current level (high or low) would determine how they see him – as a unique person or as devil in disguise…
Being based in their low end they can only register the low end of the special person. And only if they are in their high end, could they register and respond to his higher end.
Part two:

Now, why is that that when in a low level or state, they do not register the high person according to his specialness? The reason being that a special or developed person, as part of his specialness, carries with him a deep and uncompromising view of realty. The greater or the higher he is, the more he sees reality for what it is. Being in a high state of consciousness – he has an ability to live in huge stretch between his level and reality.

 Because most people are divorced from their reality – His view of reality (if expressed by him) is either causing the majority to judge themselves, or to judge him.

Next to him (because of his uncompromising view of reality, as it is) they feel naked, unworthy, petty and wrong. They cannot stand this realistic view of themselves, so they put the stigma upon the one that causes them to feel this way.
But there are those which either are in a relatively higher level or they are very close to him – personally, in both cases this close person sees the one with a higher/realistic view in an alternating way, they alternate between seeing him as he is and between judging him, It all depends on being in the lower end.

Of course he prefers to communicate with high level, or developed, people – but they are rare.

The unique person is directing light and awareness into the dark domains in the other, this is unbearable for him, for in this lighted domains – he sees things which cause him emotional dissonance, and a powerful objection towards the person with a penetrating observation.

[1] The quality of being the only one of its kind.

“the ability to celebrate the uniqueness of each individual”

  • The quality of being particularly remarkable, special, or unusual.

“the actors bring creativity and uniqueness to their characters”

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