On having care


Having care towards someone or something, is one of the heights qualities one can have.
Nowadays, having care, showing that you care – is a disappearing relic from the past.
Alienation and dehumanization is what is ruling now. The surprising thing here is that there is a connection between inhumanity and estrangement – with low level of consciousness.
And the opposite; having care towards another is strongly connected to high level of consciousness.
We don’t think this way at all. In fact we are afraid that having care will be interpreted as weakness, and that without it we are more clear and powerful. The opposite is true:
Care is in fact, is a great gate- opener. It evacuates all suspicion and antagonism from another, and both people could fly together.
So, the marriage between care and consciousness – would allow consciousness to grow wider, higher and deeper. It is care that maintains the consciousness open and growing, because if there is no danger of negative dynamic- one is safe emotionally, and thus stable and free in his consciousness.
The rejection of care by people, stems from a fear to become emotionally vulnerable. Which will make them useless in human function.
But care is not being emotionally vulnerable. There is a confusion here: Care is a high emotion, one needs emotional maturity in order to have care, care would not arrive by itself, and it has to be worked (inner work) for. While emotional vulnerability is an emotional mine field, on which we explode too often.
But what is amazing about this is that despite this common distancing of people from having care, they don’t experience less emotional vulnerability, in fact, they experience more… because without care in a relationship, negative dynamic would be more frequent, in which emotional vulnerability will flourish. 

Do nurses and doctors have care towards their patients? It seems that if there is anything missing in hospitals – is care.

We confuse between good hearted people and people who are having care, well, there is no connection between both. One is not born with care, it has to be developed, mainly by clearing the covers around the soul (lust, aggression, cravings, dominance, lack of confidence, identification etc.), and thus to have its endemic care come out.

Martin Heidegger calls this care by the German name: Sorge, and he outs a lot of importance upon it.


On Sorge:


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Surge (Having care)

Having care towards someone or something, is one of the highest qualities one can have.Nowadays, having care, showing that you care – is a disappearing relic from the past.Alienation and…
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