On Good & Bad expectations (Or state)

State diagram of the four-state error model. The good states correspond to correct reception of a TS packet, and the bad states to erroneous reception.  

The good state that people experience, is more fragile then they realize. People think they deserve to feel good. That they possess the right to be in a good state. And they feel there is no chance that someone will take this away from them. People refuse to realize that the good they experience is a fragile margin in-between one bad experience to another.
The reason that they don’t want to realize it, is because it will throw them into emotional dissonance: realizing that, maybe, most of the time they might not be not in such a good state, is very difficult. The moment people feel good they forget the bad times, and convince themselves that this is their constant state.
People would like to believe that good is something normal, and when it is good after a long time of “bad”, they say: “Of course”.
When we need to find a driving space we, in our mind, expect to find a free space, usually we do not think ahead that the parking space is going to be completely full. When we are going to buy something in the supermarket – we go there expecting to find it and when it is missing we are surprised. We are mostly expecting that things will turn out to be on the good side.
People basically would like to believe that everything is ok, and they deserve to be ok, and if they are not ok now, then it is because of a small disturbance in the long line of “ok”.
If people would have to describe the ratio of being in a good state and feeling good, in the relation to the crisis and the traumas that are in their life- most people would say: “most of the time I am feel good, like 7 out of 10 and from time to time there is bad things, like 3 out of 10.”
People choose to think that they feel good most of the time.
But what they are running away from, is what might happen more often then what they would like to think (being in not so good state). Running away from being in a bad state does not prepare them for the great shock that they would get when the next ‘not feeling so good’ or ‘being in a bad state’ – arrives. Being prepared and ready, means to gather power towards it. A Power which they do not have, by running away from what might could be the next downfall.

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