On female sexuality


I am angry. About what man did to the sexuality of woman.
It is so terrible that there are hardly words to describe it.
In fact their genuine sexuality is so crashed, that it is almost gone, almost a dinosaur. No one knows what a female sexuality should and could look like.  It is so far away from what happens in sex to woman, that no woman can even imagen how true female sexuality would be like.
What exists for them is the absence of real female sexuality, and what exist instead is only male sexuality-when the woman is passive and supposed to enjoy it. And the man is connected to the lower end of male sexuality.
So, she is not there and he is there as a conqueror, he penetrates to the ‘opponent’s’ territory and possess it for himself.
He is in a war, and she waits for it to end.
No one would call this by its real name; a rape by agreement, for it leaves in her a deep feeling of frustration and humiliation, that she could not even allow herself to feel, because then it will create in her great contradiction and objection (to those repressed feelings). 

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