On equalizing pressures – as a survival mechanism


Newton’s third law: For every actionthere is an equal and opposite reaction. The statement means that in every interaction, there is a pair of forces acting on the two interacting objects. The size of the forces on the first object equals the size of the force on the second object. (Wikipedia).

If we take a matchbox, it has the air pressure in the box and there is the air pressure outside it. Both pressures must be equal. There are two unequal pressures; one is if the pressure in the box is greater than the pressure outside the box, the box would explode, if the pressure outside the box is greater – than the box would be crushed.

Meaning, that if the pressure is not equalized, then a disaster will happen; either explosion or implosion.

Pressure is the degree of force or power we need to access in order to get a result.

But there is the mechanical equalization of pressures (like with the matchbox) and there is conscious equalization of pressure.

Example is a demand to do certain work, this work demands a certain amount of inner pressure, if we don’t have the exact amount of needed pressure – the work will not be done.

Much of what we feel is a reaction to something else (usually unknown); and if the incoming pressure is greater than the inner pressure, then we must equalize it by an equal inner pressure. Otherwise we will get crushed.

Example: if we feel rejection from someone, then our reaction should be to equalize the rejection by an equal and opposite rejection, if someone is rejecting us, and we don’t reject him back, (by an equal power) – then we would be hurt and offended.

There are people who could not reject the rejection, because their moral conscious makes them feel that their rejection is not right and not nice. Socially, we are conditioned not to do things which are not nice, such as rejection, even if it is for the purpose of self-protection. But sometimes it is vital, otherwise we would suffer a lot from unmatched pressures.

Now, the opposing pressure doesn’t have to have an external outlet at all, it is doesn’t have to do directly with the initial external pressure, it is completely an inner stance, we need to mount pressure only internally, and even so, the outer pressure would still be blocked and thus could not cause us damage.

But with one condition; the reactive pressure must not cause us to heat up, the challenge is to resist the initial pressure without heating up, our blood and emotions should be cool, if they heat up then it will disconnect us from our higher end.

A powerful, constant inner pressure is vital in a society which puts upon us many demands and pressures (liminal or subliminal), without equalizing these pressures – we would be evaded often.

The secret is in the word: resistance, if we don’t resist outside demands and burdens, then we will fall under them. But if you want to be an independent and powerful being – you must be able to manufacture an equalizing pressure to pressures of life.

It is to answer a refusal with refusal, objection with objection, abandonment with abandonment, passive-aggressive with passive-aggressive, and so on.

High pressure is going to low pressure (it is in the weather chart), and so it is in life; people who operate on high pressure – will constantly, envad and overshadow the atmosphere of low level pressure people. And this is why it is so important for highly sensitive persons to be able to meet pressure with pressure.

For Highly sensitive persons the equalization of pressures is a matter of survival.

There are 3 ways to increase inner pressure:

1. One is to use an empowering Mantra (like: “I will do it, it will be done!”).

2. Another technique is guided imagery; to imagine oneself blocking, by a thick wall- the incoming pressure (with vivid colors and texture).

3. another way, the best way, because it is to do with elimination) is to do an ‘architect’ (futuristic mental projection), to project mentally, various scripts of a powerful incoming pressure, and thus mounting an inner pressure ahead of time, be prepared.

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