On empathy and love


It is very natural to be born with empathy and love.
But something is happening to people on the way. Not only that they lose it, but along the way they replace empathy by apathy, and love by alienation.
Our love is limping, our empathy is breathing heavily, having shortage of oxygen.
But It is not possible to live like this; the soul cries out of loneliness and our emotions are freezing to death.
But why? Why and how come we lost this two?
There is simply no need for them in a competitive society, and more than that; in trying to be more successful than another – we feel that our need for empathy and love – makes us weak and venerable, through the eyes of the silent majority.
Love and empathy doesn’t help you us succeed at work, it doesn’t help us earning a university degree.
No one would appreciate your love or empathy. They are too busy being on the outside – trying to possess a greater territory than the other.
We dread from being a looser – so we run faster and faster, and love and empathy, are burdens on our shoulders, might causing us to be left behind.
The paradox is that all of us need seriously both of them, most of us are crying out of anguish for at least one of them, but people would not admit how much they need it inside.
When was the last time that we witnessed someone turning to a close soul and asking for empathy or love?
Not asking that the close soul would be ‘nice’ (this is nothing), but to get real love or empathy, right now, because I am freezing.

The response of this close soul to this demand – would be of anger or objection, we would say that love doesn’t come on demand.
This causes us to hide our great need for love and empathy. We will try to project independence from the need to get empathy and love. Not wanting to be treated as a weakling.

And if this two magnificent qualities – are unused in us – or used less and less, then if one day we would need or want to express it, we would find – that there is no love and empathy -left. 

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