On emotional growing up


We all are grownups mentally and physically, but not emotionally.

If the emotions did not grow up, then they meet a cold functional world and when someone is angry, hostile or humiliating towards us, we get deeply hurt and offended. 

In this world the emotions are unsafe, and the only thing a person can do is to hide and put a mask on his emotions, for he could not stand the emotional pain. 

The emotion are an energy whose strength is in being like a quiet lake, the moment there is a movement in the emotions – they get infected and weakened. 

The emotions should be kept like gold metals in a safe, but instead of this they leak everywhere. People come to spiritual process with their emotions, instead of coming with open, receptive and quiet – emotions.

The emotions conquered a larger territory then what they should possess and they need to be brought back to the right proportions 

Many people think that if the emotions will be under supervision – the person will become mechanical, non-human. But as a matter of fact if the emotions are brought into a peaceful state -then we can be human. Non grown emotions do not make the person human, but egocentric and venerable emotionally. 

Infantile (non grown) emotions are very dominant. They take a large territory of ourselves, they live in us like a parasite, we take in impressions, but they reach the emotional system instead of our being. And so, the emotions get larger and more powerfull, while we, remain ‘under nourished…  

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