Old age

How To Help With Loneliness In Old Age | Trinity Home Care

Our life is a gift, and gift is for enjoyment.

 We believe that we deserve it, it is our right to enjoy our life that was given to us.

And for gift one does not pay, it is free.

But if life is not for free? Than we have to pay.

So we try to reject any notion of having to be in debt for our life.

Seeing life as a price is an unjust punishment for us. In fact, it is the other way around; the higher is the price the more we appreciate what we pay for. We don’t realize that what we get for free we don’t appreciate.

So old age, or actually the whole process of ageing – should be paid whole heartedly if we have lived meaningful life. 

If it wasn’t meaningful than old age is not a price but an unjust tax.

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